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Houses of Devotees

Lakshmi Bai Tukaram Shinde’s House:

The house of this great Sai Devotee is situated in the line opposite to Dwarakamai Masjid.

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Lakshmi Bai's House

Balaji Pilaji's House

Balaji Pilaji Gurav:

This house is situated to the left. It is the corner first house if you are going from Gurusthan to Sevadham.

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Bhagoji Shinde’s House:

This house is situated in the lane just behind Lakshmi Bai Tukaram Shinde’s House.

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Bhagoji Shinde’s House

Syama's House

Madhav Rao Deshpande (Shyama):

This house is situated in the right bylane while going from Dwarakamai to Bazar.

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Mahalsapathi’s House:

This house is situated in a narrow lane leading from Chavadi to Tajim Khan’s Darga.

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Mahalsapathi’s House


Tukaram Sutar’s House:

This house is situated in front of the Vittal Mandir. It is in the narrow lane going from Pilaji Gurav’s home to Seva Dham. The house has an “OM” inscribed above it’s entrance.

His surname was Bhalerao and he was a carpenter or Sutar by profession. Hence Baba used to call him as “Sutar” and rest of the devotees also followed suit and the surname continued.

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Ramachandra Dada Patil’s House:

Ramachandra Dada Patil owned and lived in the building which is called the Narashing Lodge. It is on the left of Palkhi Road where it takes a curve while going towards Shinde Wada.

Ramachandra Patil was born in Shirdi. He was the only son of Radhabai and Dada Kote Patil. Ramachandra Patil had three Sisters. He was born into affluence. His ancestral property spread far and wide in Shirdi and neighboring villages which yielded many types of grain and sugar cane. Hence he used to supervise many labourers.

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Lakshman Kachewar Jakadi’s House:

Lakshman Kacheshwar Jakadi was addressed by Saibaba as Nanumama and hence the people of Shirdi also used to call him Nanu Pujari. He came to Shirdi in 1914. He started doing Baba’s Aarti as an assistant to Bapu Sahib Jog.

His descendants now live in Hegdewar Nagar which is behind the Nagar Palika Office. His wife’s sister was married into the Ratna Parkhe family, so he had a place to stay. He then shifted to a rented room in the building behind the Samadhi Mandir. His son Digambar became the next priest for performing Baba’s Aarti in the Samadhi Mandir. He bought the home that his descendants are currently living in.

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Lakshman Ratna Parkhe’s House:

This home is behind Vittal Mandir. Upon entering Vittal Mandir, to your left there are a flight of steps. On ascending these steps, there are a few houses, where the extended Ratna Parkhe family live.

Lakshman Ratna Parkhe’s ancestors were experts at evaluating precious stones and diamond for the Peshwas. Thus, they were called by the surname Ratna Parkhe. They were Brahmins and Priests by profession. They migrated to Shirdi and made it their home. Lakshman Mama was the village priest and astrologer. Mention is made of him in the Shri Sai Satcharitra.

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Kashiram Shimpi’s House:

If you walk out of the Dwarakamai for about 50 feet across the vacant plot and take the second right lane, walk further about 50 feet on your left you will see Kashiram Shimpi’s house. The house has a concrete compound wall with an arched iron gate.

Kashiram was kind, gentle and a very spiritual person. Mahalsapati, Kashiram and Appa Jagle were like-minded individuals, and were friends. The three of them, looked after the welfare of ascetics and saints who visited Shirdi. Each did whatever was needed, according to their means. Mahalsapati after welcoming Baba in the Khandoba Temple brought him to the village. There Baba met Kashiram Shimpi and Appa Jagle. The three friends became devoted to Baba and took care of his meager needs.

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Five Blessed Houses that Baba Took Bhiksha from:

Sakharam Patil Shelke:

This house is next to Saibaba’s Chavadi with a west face entrance.

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Vaman Rao Gondkar:

This house is on the right hand side opposite Sakharam Patil Shelke’s House.

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Vaman Rao Gondkar

Appa Kote Patil's House

Bayyaji Appa Kote Patil (Sai Kutir):

This house is situated next to Bayaja Bai Kote Patil’s house (Bayaja Maa) in Kote Galli.

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Bayaja Bai Kote Patil (Bayaja Maa):

This house is situated adjacent to Sai Kutir in Kote Galli.

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Bayaja Maa's House

Nandaram Marwari's House

Nandaram Marwari:

This house is situated just opposite Samadhi Mandir near Dwarakamai.

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