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Wondorous Shirdi Saibaba "Udhi" completely eradicates "Asthma" of a Bangalore Devotee
Baba sat with her (from Girija Sastry)
Fig Fruit in Milk Glass (from Girija Sastry)
With Baba blessings, a devotee got relief from Cyst

Experience Speaks (As narrated by Mrs.Meeta Bhat to Shri Sai Leela Magazine March-April 2012 Issue)


Shri Sai Satcharita, a Sai University: Ujjwala Borkar

Kalemama’s experiences with Baba

Saijeevi Radhakrishnan bestowed with Yogi’s Darshan - Personal experience of Saijeevi Late Shri.R.Radhakrishnan and published in


Sri Shirdi Sai Baba's Kafni Cloth Leelas –


Shirdi Saibaba "Udhi" completely eradicates "Asthma" of a Bangalore Devotee

Srikanta Sharma, resident of Bangalore recalls that it was late 80s; he was suffering from severe Asthma problem then and had to take three Deriphyllin Retard Tablets every day to manage his breathing. He was working for private firm and financially he and his family were not strong. In his office there was a colleague by the name Rajesh, who would greet everyone with a ‘Sai Ram’, and Srikanta would be left wondering about his greeting, as he did not know about Sai Baba.

One day Rajesh invited Srikanta to come to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan and said that all his (Srikanta) problems will end. But since, the trip would incur an expense of Rs.1500, and since, he did not have it, he gently refused. But Rajesh and another friend Praveen were not ready to give up on Srikanta and persuaded him to come, saying, that you pay the money later.

On June 7, 1989 Srikanta reached Samadhi Mandir and took Baba’s darshan. He felt a perceptible change in his mind and body. After having the darshan, when they were returning, on 11th June 1989, a strange thing happened; at around 2 am Srikanta was breathless and gasping for breath. Praveen immediately put Baba’s sacred udi in his mouth and asked him to chant Sai Taraka Mantra, ‘Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.’ After sometime he dozed off and slept peacefully. In the morning when he got up, he realized he had no difficulty in breathing and stopped taking his medicines. Whenever the breathing issue would arise, he would take the udi and chant Sai’s name. From that day till this day he did not touch those medicines, with Baba’s blessings.

From that first darshan of Baba, Srikanta became an ardent devotee and started sharing his leela with everyone.

- Sri Srikanta Sharma

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Shirdi Sai Baba "arranges sleeper berths to 3 sai devotees" and " brings back to life a bangalore devotee's mother who was knocking the door of death"

On July 20, 2009, Rajesh, who had formed Shri Dwarakamai Seva Trust at Rajajinagar, wanted to visit Shirdi to buy Sai Baba’s statue and Paduka. For this purpose he invited Srikanta, but since, the latter was suffering from (suspected) case of viral fever and severe joint pain, addled with no money for traveling, he refused. But Rajesh persuaded him saying, he will bear the cost of the travel and stay, and Srikanta relented.

Then Rajesh invited another Sai devotee, Venugopal, who after seeking Baba’s permission by putting agreed. Rajesh rushed to railway station, at that time he got waiting list ticket 137, 138 and 139 respectively for the onward journey by Karnataka Express and for the return journey he got the confirmed ticket from Pune on 25th July 2009 by Udyan Express.

On July 22, 2009, when Srikanta reached the station at 5.45 pm the PNR was waiting list Nos.17,18,19, meaning one is can board the general compartment, but not get the sleeper berth. Srikanta was disappointed on seeing the waiting list numbers and called Rajesh, but both Rajesh and Venugopal were in Rajajinagar Saibaba Temple to have darshan before heading for Shirdi. Rajesh told Srikanta that they will reach the station in 15 minutes and not to worry too much. They arrived at the station and immediately checked with a Ticket Checker (TC) that there waiting list Nos. was 17, 18 and 19 and nothing could be done as the train was full. He told them to contact another TC who was standing near the next coach.

Immediately, the trio rushed to another TC and requested him for a sleeper berth, but he too refused to help, but he was kind enough to ask them to board S4 compartment and wait for him. They were happy to hear this and took their luggage and started moving towards S4 compartment. While moving Srikanta once again went to the TC and requested him to arrange for a sleeper berth for the three and told him that they are going to see Shirdi Saibaba. The moment he heard this, the TC told them to occupy seat Nos. 41, 42 and 43 in coach S4.

The train started on time at 7.20 pm and the TC never showed up! And those who came to inspect their tickets later did not find anything odd with the tickets!

All reached Shirdi and had good darshan. On July 24, 2009 they went to a shop and purchased the idol of Dwarakami Saibaba and Saibaba Paduka and got the pooja done at Samadhi Mandir, Dwarakamai and Chavadi. They went back to their room at 2.30 pm, where they found 15 missed calls on Rajesh's mobile phone from his brothers, sisters and wife. Rajesh called up home and came to know that his mother was very critical and admitted to an Intensive Care Unit, and the doctors had given up hope, as she was ailing and nor responding to medicines.

The family had gathered in anticipation of her transition. Rajesh was asked to rush back, but found that the timing for the flight was possible only the next day at 1.30 pm. Their train reservation too was for next day, now the only option was bus service. Rajesh left Shirdi by bus the very same day at 4 pm to reach Bangalore next day at around 11 am.

The moment he reached Bangalore, he rushed to hospital, applied Saibaba's sacred Udi on his mother's forehead and she was taken for ‘Endoscopy’. After some time, the results came, they were negative and the sugar which had shot up earlier, started responding to the medicine. She was discharged from the hospital on July 30, 2009 which was a Thursday.

- Sri Srikanta Sharma & Sri Rajesh

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Baba sat with her (from Girija Sastry)

Aparna and I (Girija Sastry) had gone to Shirdi in 2001. Aparna's husband and child were also with us. We entered Baba’s temple, had a good darshan of His statue at the Sanctum Sanctorum and we came out.  Soon I wanted to do Satyanarayana pooja as is customary. Aparna & family were sitting outside on the steps. We were to do Satyanarana pooja at the end of the Sanctorum only during those days, though they have changed that these days. As all of us got ready lighting the lamp etc for pooja, I saw an old man who was almost Baba & dressed like Him only coming walking on the stage watching all of us. He was 90% Baba according to me. But the priest (Ullasji) on the stage also did not bother to look at him. I wanted to say “Ullasji, See, Baba is standing in front of you”, but could not as I myself was not sure that he was Baba, though he was 90% Baba. That 10% doubt was there. I was looking at him only. He looked at all of us, and smilingly he lifted his right hand to bless us all. I thanked Him mentally and soon saw Him going towards the main statue joining the men’s queue on the left hand side. When He was gone I concentrated on my pooja. To my wonder all had finished their poojas and were doing final Aarthi. I too hurriedly finished my pooja & came out.

As I came out I saw the same Baba sitting on the platform where my friend Aparna was sitting. Aparna’s husband too had thought that man was Baba only and wanted to take his photograph but at the same time they were scared also that he might scold them. So Aparna was asked to sit a bit closer to him, i.e. the distance between them was reduced from 11ft or so to 7 ft or so and photo was taken. The scene was watched by me also and we were very happy.

While we were on our journey back to Bangalore, Aparna’s naughty son aged about 7 years took the reel out of the camera and showed it to his mother. Aparna screamed because she felt she had lost her fortune. Aparna’s husband slapped the boy two times, when I ran to his rescue. Even then the reel was taken to the studio. The studio person said that only 1 picture was intact and all other photos had got washed out. In that photo, Baba was sitting next to Aparna. All of us were thrilled because nobody other than Baba could have played such a miracle. Isn’t it?  

- Smt. Girija Sastry

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Fig Fruit in Milk Glass (from Girija Sastry)

Some 20 years ago, we were staying in Chandigarh. Every Thursday, Bhajans used to take place in one of Baba’s devotee’s house. One day, as the lady of that house was ill, she asked me to keep sweetened milk for Baba’s Neivedya. As the Bhajan was to start off, I ran to the kitchen, poured milk to a glass and added one spoonful of sugar and kept it in front of Baba. I thought by the time we finish our Bhajan’s  the sugar will dissolve automatically and did not even bother to stir the glass to give the sweetened milk to all the devotees. After the Bhajan was over, I wanted to stir the milk once or twice before I gave it as Teertha. To my wonder, the spoon did not move at all. Something must have fallen as I was singing with my eyes closed during the Bhajan, I thought and wanted to check what it was. I tried to take that thing out but the spoon was too small for that. It was a fig (about 3.5 inches long). Never in my life had I seen such a big fig. I showed it to one more devotee. She too wondered and said, “They say such big figs are available in Baluchisthan”. Then I took it out and cut it into small pieces and put it back into milk and gave one piece to each devotee along with the Theertha. Look at His miracle!

- Smt. Girija Sastry

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With Baba blessings, a devotee got relief from Cyst

In October 2009 Sri Sanjiv, an ardent Sai devotee from Bangalore  was diagnosed with a cyst (small in size) on his scrotum and was undergoing allopathic treatment for the same from Dr Srinath Herur who was his family doctor. While the treatment was going on, He got relief temporarily and after the course was over, the problem recurred.

Finally he was advised by the doctor to meet a General surgeon based at Sagar Hospital at Tilak nagar for getting the cyst removed. He was all the more upset and taken aback at the decision that a surgery was necessitated to treat his problem.
Next morning before leaving to meet the surgeon, He prayed to Lord Sai Baba to help him out of this situation and sought his blessings that the problem be solved by medication alone and spares him from the pain of going under a surgeon’s knife. Later when he met the surgeon along with his wife, the surgeon examined him and concluded that there was no necessity for performing a surgery and the problem could be treated by medicines alone.

The announcement by the doctor was like nectar and pleasing to the couple and was greatly relieved. This miracle redoubled the faith of the couple in the Glory and the power of Sai Baba who proclaimed in Sai Satcharitra, “He, who believes in me and prays with unflinching devotion and steadfast faith, would be redeemed from all his difficulties and sorrows. For I alone stand as his barrier and protect him from all the evils from approaching him.”

- Sri Sanjiv

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Baba’s Grace Eases Challenging Times (as narrated by Mrs.Vandana Kamath to Saileela Magazine September-October 2009 Issue)

Mrs. Vandana Kamath was living in Bangaluru in a rented premise with her family. They were going through several financial problems.

They were not aware of Baba; but by Baba’s grace the daughter-in-law of the owner of the house gave her a Shri Sai Satcharita and said that Baba will take care of them.

One fine day, the owner of the house asked them to vacate the house. They were in a predicament; because they had no money to shift to a new rented house. It so happened that they got a chance to visit Shirdi during this period. On returning from Shirdi, Mrs. Vandana met a family friend to whom she narrated her situation.

This friend suggested they buy a house. On looking back she thinks, the situation was impossible; because her friend was asking her to buy a house, when they didn’t have enough to pay the rent of the house! But then, as ordained by dear Sai, this same friend gave them Rs. 75,000 for a site available close to Baba’s Mandir. The family was jubilant; but unfortunately, the cost of the plot was in lakhs; so they again did not have sufficient fund.

In the meanwhile, Mrs. Vandana’s father-in-law passed away and they got Rs. one lakh from his will. They immediately made some arrangement and purchased the plot.

By this time the entire family started worshipping Baba. After purchasing the plot, they laid the foundation; but due to financial constraints they could not begin the construction for over a year. At this point of time Mrs. Vandana remembered a chapter from the Shri Sai Satcharita where a black dog was fed with curd rice by a devotee and his wish was fulfilled. So, she prayed to Baba that she would feed a black dog with curd rice for seven Thursdays and He should bless her in completing the construction of the house.

On the first Thursday she kept a plate of curd rice in front of the house and was waiting for a black dog. After some time a black dog with some white patches approached the plate, she was confused, whether this was the dog to be fed as he was not fully black. Strangely the dog would go near the plate, smell the food and go back, this continued for 10-15 minutes and the dog went away without eating the rice. Mrs. Vandana waited for a very long time and felt very disappointed.

After a while the same dog came along with another black dog. This black dog came and hurriedly ate the curd rice and left a little for the dog with white patches to eat, both the dogs ate happily and went away. Seeing this Mrs. Vandana had complete faith that Baba will help in constructing the house. And truly, despite their financial hurdles, with Baba’s blessings, they constructed the house within five months after this incident.

Since then, Mrs. Vandana and her family’s faith grew and they have dedicated their life to Baba. They have formed a group named ‘Sai Smaran’ and for the last 11 years, every Sunday, they conduct Sai Bhajans in different devotees’ houses in Bangaluru. Besides this, once a year they go to Shirdi with the entire group (varying from 150-300 devotees), conduct Bhajans and have a Palki procession.

Today, they have constructed three more floors, out of it one is dedicated to Baba, where His idol and photographs are worshipped every day. Every Thursday they have Bhajans, and on occasions like Ram Navami, Guru Poornima, Vijayadashmi, etc. hundreds of devotees’ are drenched in spiritual gaiety.

- Smt. Vandana Kamath

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Sri Shravan Kumar, an ardent Sai devotee from Hyderabad has shared two of his experiences in the website. The following are the two experiences narrated in his own words:-

Experience 1:

“It was year 1982, I was studying 6th class, my family was in deep financial trouble since my father’s factory was closed and my family was almost bankrupt. There was no solution in sight and obviously my father, mother and grandmother were depressed. We the children could feel the change in the house. We were about to stop schooling since my father could not pay the school fees.

There was gloom all around and no solution in sight. I forgot to tell you, my grandmother was a Sai devotee since a long time, may be from 1940’s. I think she was desperately calling for Baba’s help.

As it is proven time and again, Our Beloved Sai will always be there for his devotees. And as if to prove that our prayers are heard, HE came to our house in Hyderabad.

It was a hot day and time was around 2.00 PM. Lord Sai Baba came to our house in the same form. Only my mother and my grandmother were there in the house at that time. My Grandmother (she was totally deaf) was sleeping in the other room. My mother was in the verandah. She saw Sai Baba coming in and thought some Muslim Fakir was coming in. She asked him to stay outside. But He spoke in chaste telugu and said to my mother, “Do not be afraid my daughter, I am here since I wanted to tell you something” mean while, my grandma who was deaf and sleeping inside,came out excitedly calling my mother’s name and telling her that Baba has come to their house .(Only Baba knows how she knew HE had come to the house).

BABA that day gave some predictions regarding our family and us (me, my younger brother and younger sister) and assured us not to get worried and asked to be brave.

All the predictions came true very shortly afterwards.

But the biggest sign that he was Sai Baba came when he was leaving.

My mother and grandma were seeing HIM off. They saw him go out of the Gate and turn left, within the fraction of a second my father came from the same direction, seeing my mother and grandma standing outside asked “Why are you both standing outside?” He could not see BABA coming out of the house.

There is no way he could have missed seeing BABA unless of course….. SAI BABA vanished into thin air.

He ran like a mad man to both corners of the street to check where BABA went, but nobody was seen. In fact not a single person was on the road.

Experience 2

This is personal experience. I had to take up sales job very early in life to support my family. Due to constant travel my health suffered. I had severe burning sensation in my stomach whenever I ate anything. Eating food was an ordeal for me. I used to wonder what sin I committed to deserve this pain. In a day I was eating around 20 Gelusil tablets. I tried many things but could not get any relief. I suffered like this for 5 years.

On the Holi eve 1998 I went to Shirdi along with my colleague. After morning darshan, we went to Dwarakamayi. There was a huge BABA photo with beautiful Rose Garland around it. In those days, you were allowed to touch the photo and sit there also!!!! There were few ladies before me in the line. Each one of them plucked a rose petal from the garland and ate it. I was watching them and without any conscious effort, copied their act and did the same. I plucked one rose petal and treated it as prasadam from BABA and ate it.

Miracle of Miracles, since that moment I do not have any problem with acidity. It is 12 years since that day, I always think of that incident whenever I eat anything which I like and enjoy. I am so grateful to my beloved BABA for the grace he showered on me.

- Sri Shravan Kumar

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Experience Speaks (As narrated by Mrs.Meeta Bhat to Shri Sai Leela Magazine March-April 2012 Issue)

The medical reports showing 99% blockage for my sister deterred the doctors from undertaking a by-pass operation. However, we were optimistic and pressurized doctors for the operation. On the D-day the operation lasted for more than nine hours. Finally when doctor stepped out of the operation theatre he said “This is nothing less than a miracle. Thank the power that has seen this through making me an instrument”. After 3 days when my sister regained her strength, she said that after anesthesia she had become blank and then she saw Baba standing in the gate of a huge fort. Baba told her not to worry as He was with her. She didn't remember anything after that. Her life is Baba's gift.

- Smt. Meeta Bhat

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Shri Sai Satcharita, a Sai University: Ujjwala Borkar

Chandrabai Borkar's granddaughter in law, Ujjwala Borkar too has experienced many Sai miracles. She says one of the Sai miracles is Shri Sai Satcharita, which is a Sai University and Sai Baba is its Chancellor!

She said, “I have seen how Sai devotees' like Madhavrao Deshpande, Bayjabai, Tatyaba Kote Patil, Lakshmibai Shinde, Kakasaheb Dixit, Chandrabai Borkar and others have progressed in their lives and decided to take admission to the Govindrao Dabholkar authored Shri Sai Satcharita University on May 18, 1974.”

She states that Baba initiated Dabholkar to establish this University, which has 53 classrooms (chapters). Surprisingly Dabholkar, the builder of this University, was initially not prepared to accept Baba as the Chancellor of this University. He was learned and believed that results can be had by one's own efforts. His mind entertained the ego of action. Kakasaheb Dixit, Nana Chandorkar, Bhate and Nulkar – these students would try to convince Dabholkar. These students would do a full length prostration to Baba even on a dusty road. Seeing all this, he was surprised, but unaffected. He used to think that Dixit had toured the world and read world literature and yet, why was he being so condescending. What have these wise people seen in this Fakir and accepted Him as their Guru?

But once he witnessed Baba grinding wheat at the quern, and the flour spread at the outskirts of the village curbed the spread of cholera in the village, this incident was a turning point for him. This was when the foundation stone laying work of Sai Satcharita University began. After his faith in Baba increased Baba placed His boon bestowing hand on Dabholkar's head and gave him permission to start the building of Sai University in the form of Shri Sai Satcharita.

Some of the lessons in this University are: 1) Let Faith and Perseverance be with you always. 2) Gradually reduce your compulsive desires for everything if you want to live life in peace. Do not steal others' things. Strive hard. You will reap what you sow. That will stand in good stead for you alone. 3) One person will work and the other will get the results, this is not how it works here. You cannot get a first class in this University by just sitting at home, enjoying and giving bribe. Those who study is guided by the Chancellor, and will find right answers to their questions. 4) Give up your ego. Those who cannot avoid even a bit of their lust; he will never get 'Brahmagyan' (Knowledge of the Brahman).

In this University you get admission without any expense or admission fees. The specialty of this University is that it runs round the clock (day and night) and life is the place where we put into practice what we have learnt.

Each student is unique and the vigilant Chancellor works on each individually. Some are guided through dreams or other types of revelations. Chancellor Sai states, “Even if I am physically here, and you are beyond the seven oceans, whatever you do there is known to me here”.

The University has many interesting events that are exemplary lessons to learn from. Once, Kakasaheb Dixit was subjected to an examination in this University. The examination was to judge whether the Guru's orders were obeyed or not. Even the pure gold had to go through the test by fire. In spite of being a Brahmin, taking up a weapon Kakasaheb Dixit, without any hesitation got ready to kill a goat, and passed the Chancellor's examination. In this University we should surrender the propriety and impropriety (of the act) dominated mind at the feet of Sai, the Chancellor of the University. Surrendering the power of your actions, act as per the rules of the University set by the Guru's commands.

If action is done without ego then realization will not take much time. One student, Pundalikrao, was advised – if your attitude is ego-free, you are entitled to attain the Supreme Self. You will easily cross the ocean of life. The Chancellor of this University has promised the students – all those who will study will get success according to their capability. Each one will get whatever one asks for as per their capability. Everyone will get assistance in this University. Do not compare your progress with others. Cheating is not allowed at all. Students in this University should also be devoted and have steadfast faith. Those who follow the rules will get success easily.

In this University the pupil is taught how to attain happiness, peace of mind, which cannot be obtained even after spending billions of rupees.

No one can avoid the destiny of present joy and sorrow dictated by past actions. Prayer and remembering Lord's Name, brings success in their respective class. (Photo & Article Courtesy: Shamshad Ali Baig, Journalist, Navi Mumbai).

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Saibaba tells His own story

One day while sitting in Dwarakamai Sai Baba broke His silence and started narrating an incident as under…..

Once I went to Aurangabad while roaming here and there. There was a mosque with a big tamarind tree in its centre. A fakir lived in the mosque. His name was Matababa. I asked for his permission to stay in the mosque. Initially the fakir did not allow Me, I requested him again and again and at last after a long discussion he agreed.

An old woman lived nearby. That woman used to give a piece of roti to Matababa.  Matababa used to live on that small piece of roti the whole day. He never begged for food from anyone in the village. So I asked for his permission to go to beg for food from the villagers, so that we can get sufficient quantity of food for both of us.

In this way about 12 years passed. After that I took permission to leave Matababa. The fakir was in tears with the thought of my separation. At that time I consoled that fakir saying that I will come here again someday while roaming here and there.

I never speak untruth and to fulfill my promise, I went to meet that fakir after four years. He was very happy to see me again.

That fakir of Aurangabad came to Shirdi after some years and I made him stay in Chavadi……in this way Sai Baba completed His story. (There are some points in Sai Sarovar book after this sentence which has to be disclosed here is that…who was Matababa? when did he come to Shirdi? These facts are available nowhere other than this book; Sai Baba only understands the meaning of His own confusing words).

After a small pause, there was a slight disturbance in the silence of Dwarakamai when this conversation was going on. Some sparrows were chirping on the top of Dwarakamai. Shama asked, why are all these sparrows chirping here together? To this Sai Baba replied, all these sparrows were born as sparrows in their previous birth and they are so lucky that in this birth also they are together. These sparrows used to sit on the top of Dwarakamai. But one day a snake came there and at once gulped up all the sparrows. (Here the author presents his thoughts like this….I think any snake can’t gulp up the entire sparrow at one stroke. Sai Baba must have symbolized snake for Yamraj). Due to the merits of their past birth God has given them the form of sparrow in this birth also. Not only this, they were born in the Holy Land of Shirdi. Today all of them have met and so they are expressing their happiness by chirping. Even God is incapable of describing their happiness. (Source: Translated from Gujarati Book "Sai Sarovar" and published in )

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Kalemama’s experiences with Baba

Kalemama or Ramchandra Bapuji Kale was born in Kolhapur, a city of Maratha Rulers. His father Bapuji Kale was a Minister in the personal court of Maharaja of Kolhapur. Kalemama, born in such an influential family, which had links with the Royal families of Kolhapur, received the best during his childhood and youth. He graduated as a Civil Engineer from Bombay.

During the British rule in India, holding a degree in Civil Engineering promised a bright career. Kalemama served as Chief Executive Officer of the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation, Secretary of Dhule Municipal Corporation, State Engineer at Akkalkot Sansthan and at many other places until he met Meher Baba and came to Meherabad for a final stay, which lasted until the 16th of September 1954, when he rested in peace in Baba.

Kalemama met Shri Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi which changed the course of his life. After Sai Baba dropped His physical body in 1918, Kalemama met Meher Baba at Ahmednagar in 1926. His wife Mrs. Janki, more often referred to as Mrs. Kalemama passed away in 1932, at Meherabad. Meher Baba had included her name in the list of 120 dear departed souls, whom he paid homage, as a token of His love and gratitude. It was a gesture of love for their surrender and unquestionable faith in Meher Baba, during the hilly walks of life. It was on the 16th of September 1954 when Kalemama passed away at Meherabad. Kalemama's son Murli was staying at Jabalpur at that time practicing Homeopathy, as permitted by Meher Baba.

Kalemama had a well settled family. One of Kalemama's daughters’ was married to Dr. Bhadbhade of Indore and another was married to Rao Saheb Pandit, an Eminent Educationist and founder of the "Sanjeevan Vidhyalaya" at Panchgani, an institution that has now gained eminence in the field of education in various disciplines. Murli's elder brother Shreedhar, affectionately called Babu, was also at Panchgani and Babu's wife Nirmala was the Matron of Central Jail, Jabalpur.

Kalemama was one of those very rare and fortunate persons who had the good fortune to meet Shri Sadguru Sai Baba, Shri Sadguru Narayan Maharaj and Shri Sadguru Upasni Maharaj. During 1908 to 1909, Kalemama was supervising the construction work of Burhanpur Tapti Mill at Burhanpur. The site was close to the Railway station and one day one of his friends informed Kalemama that Shri Sadguru Narayan Maharaj was going to Khandwa that day and would be boarding the train from the Burhanpur Railway station. Kalemama with his friends went to the Station and had Sadguru Narayan Maharaj's darshan.

Later from April 1910 to May 1911 Kalemama was appointed Secretary of Pandharpur Municipal Corporation. During this period, the glory of Sai Baba had spread throughout Maharastra and many a Government officers and learned persons became his devotees. At Pandharpur Mr. Rale and Mr. Patwardhan were disciples of Shri Sadguru Sai Baba. They requested Kalemama to visit Shirdi for Sai Baba's darshan. The threesome along with Justice Hatyangadi of Pandharpur made their way to Shirdi and met Sai Baba and attended the two days function during the last week of December 1910. At Shirdi some Government officers and some of the prominent solicitors of Bombay had also come to attend the gathering as during the winter vacations it was convenient to make a pleasure trip with families. Until Sai Baba's darshan Kalemama had never heard of Shirdi and he felt very happy to attend the function at Shirdi.

Kalemama stayed at Shirdi for two days and returned back to Pandharpur. After sometime, Kalemama's elder brother Krishnaji's (referred as Anna Kale in Lord Meher) first wife died of Plague, on 1st February 1911, at Sholapur. To find peace after the loss, Annaji came to Kalemama for a stay at Pandharpur expecting a change. Meanwhile one of Kalemama's close relations, Justice Noolkar had taken voluntary leave from his job and was staying at Shirdi in service of Shri Sai Baba. Justice Noolkar's friend Mr. Bhate had also resigned from his job and was serving Sai Baba at Shirdi. Kalemama received a letter from Justice Noolkar proposing a marriage of Shri Bhate's daughter (who was slightly over age) with his elder brother Krishnaji and invited Kalemama to bring his elder brother to Shirdi for Sai Baba's darshan and approval. Kalemama along with his elder brother accordingly went to Shirdi perhaps in February or March of 1911 and met Sai Baba.

On reaching Shirdi Kalemama and his brother Anna kept their luggage at a suitable place and walked towards the Mosque in which Shri Sai Baba was staying. As it was around noon, Shri Sai Baba was alone inside the mosque. Kalemama and Anna went inside and bowed down to Shri Sai Baba in reverence. Sai Baba asked them for two rupees. Kalemama had only two rupees in his pocket which he gave to Sai Baba immediately. On receiving the money, Sai Baba asked for four more rupees but Kalemama had no money in his pocket. The only thing he had in his pocket were the keys to his suitcase which he handed to Shri Sai Baba and at the same time asked Anna to go to the place of their stay and bring the money desired by Sai Baba. Kalemama has written in his notes that during this meeting, Sai Baba was very pleased to meet them and made a very significant remark. While waiting for the money and Annaji's return, Sai Baba said to Kalemama in Marathi "You are one amongst us", “When you intend to come again". ("Tumhi tar Amchyat le”, "Punha Kevha yenar").To this Kalemama replied instantly “When ever you may kindly bring us again".

By this time, the four rupees desired by Sai Baba were brought and given to Him by Anna. Both of them stayed in the company of Sai Baba for some more time and then returned back to their place of stay. Kalemama felt thrilled over the peculiar statement made by Sai Baba "You are one amongst us" He however could not attach any significance to this conversation, until later in his life. Pondering over the mystical words of Sai Baba, Kalemama resumed his work and served for a few more years at Akkalkot. In 1917 he left his job and decided to move to Kolhapur.

During his journey to Kolhapur, he remembered that he was quite near to Shri Sadguru Narayan Maharaj's place and felt an uncontrollable desire to meet him. Accordingly, Kalemama got down at Kedgaon to meet Shri Sadguru Narayan Maharaj at Kedgaon-bet. Shri Sadguru Narayan Maharaj had constructed a temple of Shri Lord "Dattatreya", at Kedgaon-bet and it was supposed to be very auspicious for one, to have the opportunity to worship the deity and wash its feet. However to do so, permission of Shri Narayan Maharaj was required without fail. Kalemama went to the temple and wishing to pray at the feet of the statue, requested Shri Narayan Maharaj to kindly permit him to perform the worship. Shri Narayan Maharaj asked Kalemama if he was a brahmin, to which Kalemama replied in positive and told his `gotra' and `pravar'. On satisfying the Sadguru's queries, Kalemama was permitted by Shri Narayan Maharaj to wash the feet of the deity.

He stayed at the Kedgaon Ashram for one day and then resumed his journey to Kolhapur. Once, from Ahmednagar, Kalemama was to make his journey to Dhule. On remembering Sakori and the fact that he had never had the opportunity to have Shri Sadguru Upasni Maharaj's darshan, Kalemama requested Meher Baba for permission to go to Sakori and to have Shri Upasni Maharaj's darshan. Meher Baba was kind enough to permit him and thus Kalemama proceeded to Sakori via Shirdi having darshan of Shri Sai Baba's Samadhi and afterwards having Shri Upasni Maharaj's darshan. The very next year while Meher Baba was at Nasik in December 1928, Kalemama along with his elder son Shreedhar (also known as Babu) decided to go to Nasik. From Dhule they boarded a train and reached Nasik at 4 a.m. and went to one of Kalemama's friend Vinayak Dhamankar's residence. At daybreak, they went to search for the place where Meher Baba was staying but found to their surprise that Meher Baba and the Mandli had left the previous evening for Meherabad. It was around 7 a.m. and Kalemama and his son Babu were utterly disappointed to learn that Baba had already left Nasik. They decided to leave Nasik as it was early in the morning so as to reach Ahmednagar and Meherabad at the earliest.

Kalemama thought of requesting one of his friends R. D. Karmarkar who was an Engineer at Nasik to kindly take them both in his car to Manmad immediately, so that they could board some train to Ahmednagar and reach Meherabad by the afternoon on the same day. On reaching Karmakar's house, Kalemama made his request and was pleasantly surprised that his friend agreed instantaneously to his request. Shri Karmarkar suggested that instead of going to the Manmad Railway Station it would be better for them to go to the Yewala station as Shri Karmakar also had some construction work to supervise there.

Karmakar, Kalemama, his son Babu and one Mr. Dhumal who was a noted Advocate and Chairman of the Local Board School proceeded accordingly to Yewala. While talking to each other in the car, Dhumal came to know that Kalemama was going for Meher Baba's darshan. Dhumal was himself a disciple of Shri Sai Baba and suggested that they may go to Shirdi, take their lunch and then proceed further. This was agreed and they all reached Shirdi had lunch at Shirdi and then darshan of Sai Baba's Samadhi. At this point, Kalemama felt that they had come so near to Sakori (which was just a few miles) and they should go to Sakori for Upasni Maharaj's darshan. All again agreed to this suggestion made by Kalemama and went to Sakori and met Shri Sadguru Upasni Maharaj. Finally when they reached Meherabad, they came to know that Meher Baba had gone to North India and the Gateman at Nasik who told them that Baba had gone to Mehrabad did not have the correct information.

During 1928 or 1929 Shri Sadguru Upasni Maharaj came to Dhule and stayed for three days at Advocate Madhav Rao Apte's house and Kalemama and family had the opportunity to meet the Master every evening at Apte's residence. Later also, while Kalemama was frequently coming to Ahmednagar in connection with some of the court cases, was staying at the "Khushroo Quarters" and on two different occasions Kalemama met Shri Sadguru Upasni Maharaj was staying at the "Khushroo Quarters" and had His darshan. During one of these darshan's of Shri Sadguru Upasni Maharaj, Kalemama received a Coconut from Upasani Maharaj and one Coconut from Meher Baba. These Coconuts are still with Kale family. After Shri Sadguru Sai Baba dropped His physical body, Kalemama met Meher Baba in 1926 and devoted his life to Meher Baba.

Kalemama was sent to Sakori by Meher Baba along with a few other disciples to attend the last rites of Shri Upasni Maharaj, when Maharaj dropped His body in December 1941. Kalemama remained with Meher Baba till his last breath. He passed away at Meher Baba's Ashram on 16th of September 1954.Kalemama's son Murli lived with Meher Baba as a close Mandli and had endeared Meher Baba with his bright and jolly mood in the difficult situations of New Life. Later Murli was permitted by Meher Baba to go to Jabalpur and settle down vide New Life Circular No 27. Also during the New Life which was full of helplessness and hopelessness, Meher Baba appreciated Murli very highly with all words at His command for Murli's exemplary and jolly mood during the hardships of the New Life. (Source: and published in

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Baba's Leela’s before 1918 as narrated in Krishnashastri Jageshwar Bhishma’s letter dated 11th July 1921- Sai Leela Magazine

The following excerpts are from a letter sent on 11th July 1921 by Vedshastri Krishnashastri Bhishma, the writer of most of the verses from Sri Sadguru Sainath Sagunopasana.

My experiences with Maharaj are well-known to those around me. So, there is nothing special in this letter. If devotees already know or have read these
experiences, please do not publish them.

Sainath Maharaj had an extra sensory perception. Though I am writing this in the past tense, it is only with reference to the mortal body. For me, Sainath is immortal and will always be, since Maharaj is constantly giving me visions and is guiding me to do things He wishes, what I say cannot be false.

One evening we were sitting with Sainath and also did the last Aarti, the Shejarati. But, when we went to visit Him the next day, Sai said, ‘‘Yesterday evening I had gone for a walk.’’ We could not believe this as He was with us all evening till the Shejarati. But, a few minutes later a man from a village south of Shirdi came and mentioned, ‘‘Yesterday evening Sai Maharaj was in our village.’’ We then understood that Sai had extra sensory powers and so could be in both places at the same time.

Once, when all the people in Balwantrao Khaparde’s house were asleep, Sai came in his dream, dined with him, ate a paan sitting on the swing and then left. At that moment Balwantrao woke up. When he narrated this dream to me in the morning, I said, ‘‘without telling this dream to anyone go to Sainath Maharaj. If Sai has given you this vision, He will give you some indication. If it is an ordinary dream, Sai won’t say a word.’’ Balwantrao went to meet Sai and was amazed when Sai said, ‘‘you gave me
dinner yesterday; but you did not give any Dakshina.’’ Balwantrao was stunned; but he immediately asked, how much he should give and back came the reply, ‘‘Rs. 25/-’’.

All these are the facets of extra sensory perception at play. Some may think, these stories are false; but in his book ‘Srimadbhagwatarth Darshan’ Mr. Yeshwant Vyankatesh Kolhatkar, B. A., L.L. B., proves that the Atma or soul is immortal and can perform many miracles. Then, how could it be impossible for Baba to give Darshan while awake or in a dream? ‘‘Jaagat Rama, Sovat Rama, Sapnon mein dekho Rama hi Rama,’’ said Sant Eknath and accordingly Sainath gives Darshan whenever He wills. In Chapter VIII, Vol. III, Verse 4, from the Chandogya Upanishad it is said that ‘‘Sometimes this blissful soul leaves the body and attains self-realization and oneness with the Supreme Light; but the soul does not need to leave the body unconscious.’’ Maharaj was in complete control of His senses and desires and remained perpetually calm.

While going from His sleeping area towards the Masjid with His staff in hand, Baba used to hurl abuses. At such a time nobody had the courage to face Him. But, whenever He uttered these expletives at the top of His voice, people could hear the softly uttered words ‘‘Allah tera bhala karega’’. Which man could give blessings while in a fit of rage? That is why, in my opinion Baba’s anger was just a show, but His conscience was kind and calm.

In verse 4274 of Tukaram’s Gatha it is said that God Himself bears the troubles of His devotees and is always close to them. One day, all of us were seated next to Maharaj, when it was time for the noon Aarti. According to the custom in those days Bapusaheb prepared the Aarti. But, suddenly, without any provocation, Maharaj donned the Narasimha Avatar. He threw away the Aarti and the Prasad, drove all the people out by hitting at them with His staff. He Himself left His seat and sat down in the Veranda. The Aarti could not take place. By 3 p.m. all the devotees were hungry. Some suggested that the Aarti should be done to the throne. But, Dadasaheb Khaparde did not agree and said that the Aarti should be done to Baba only, but at the hands of Vaghya and not Bapusaheb. Accordingly the Aarti was given to Vaghya. But, suddenly Baba returned to His throne and the Aarti was done. But, nobody understood the reason for Baba’s anger.

The next day a lawyer from Kopargaon arrived. He said, ‘‘there was a criminal case against one of Baba’s devotee. The court had sentenced him when I reached there. I took the case and appealed. Surprisingly the court inquired me about the defendant’s conduct. When I vouched for his good behavior and his being innocent, the court acquitted him. To ask Baba, how this miracle took place, I came to Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan. That devotee told me about the eminent Sai and said he was acquitted due to Baba’s blessings.” As said in Sant Dhyaneshwar’s Aarti it is an open secret that the universe is Brahma. Sai behaved accordingly.

There was a well-worn piece of sack-cloth which Baba used as a seat and loved it immensely. Once, when Baba was away, a devotee threw the sack-cloth away and kept a silk cushion in its place. When Baba returned He started fuming and abusing as soon as He saw the new cushion. He threw it and scattered the Dhuni. He calmed down only when His old torn piece of sacking was restored.

One day people asked me to replace the old sacking with a new one; but I waited till everybody stood for Aarti and then asked Baba in sign language if I could change the sack-cloth. He signaled in agreement. I immediately told Dadasaheb and bought a new sack and replaced the old one, which was discarded. After the Aarti, Baba sat down quietly. Devotees served Him. Then He gave His ‘Chillum’ to me and asked for five Laddoos which I had promised. I kept worrying as to how I would be able to make Laddoos without anybody’s help in this unfamiliar place. If I took somebody’s help Baba would immediately know. Why did He ask specifically for five Laddoos and not just Laddoos? I spent the day mulling over it and went to sleep with the same thought in mind. But, soon I woke up with an inspiration to write a verse which I immediately penned. In the morning, when I was writing the next stanza, Mr. Dixit, who was on his way to Baba, stopped by and saw my poem. Later I took my bath and went for Darshan. As soon as He saw me Baba asked for the Laddoos. I did not say anything; but Dixit said, ‘‘The Laddoos are getting ready”. Baba was pacified. The next day I finished writing five stanzas and offered them to Baba. (I had tried to write more than five; but try as I may, I could not write beyond the five already written and so left it at that.) When Baba saw them, He asked me to read them out and while I was reading, blessed me by putting His hand on my head. It is impossible to narrate my state of bliss at that time. After that I read to Him every poem I wrote and this collection ultimately became the book ‘Sainath Sagunopasana’ which I offered at His feet. The proceeds of the book were given for the protection of cows. The copies of this book must still be there.

‘‘Dhiro Na Shochati,’’ says the Kathopanishad. Self-realized brave people never grieve and even if they feel sad, they do not need other people’s advice to restore their good cheer; they themselves get rid of it.

Megha, a Gujarati was Maharaj’s loving devotee. He slogged to serve Baba. He was serving Baba at his master’s instance; but one day it crossed his mind ‘Why should I bathe a Muslim?’ And so one day he left Shirdi for his native place, where he fell ill. When he recovered, he went to visit the Shiva temple; but instead of a Shivalingam he saw Sai Maharaj. He promptly returned to Shirdi. To remove the evil thoughts from his body he was asked to chant the Gayatri Mantra a certain number of times. On completion Baba blessed him. When Megha passed away, Baba Himself came and touching his entire body with His hands, cried bitterly for five minutes. Then consoling Himself, ‘How much will you cry?’ He calmed down (as per the teaching of the Kathopanishad – ‘‘Dhiro Na Shochati’’) and gave permission for the final rites. (Source: Published in Sai Leela Magazine)

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Vaman Rao Patil's Experince with Sai Baba

In the year 1904, Vamanrao Patil, aged 15 years lived in Matung with his father. At that time Prakashanandji Maharaj was hosted by one of his devotees. Vamanrao and his younger brother Vaikunthrao used to press Maharaj's legs and body.

Maharaj used to tease them and said, "Red horse is of Vamanya and white horse is of Vaikunthrao" meaning for sometime Vaman would require some support of his younger

When Vamanrao was studying law, he used to study the Gita Path, Panchikaran but still he was confused about existence of God. These thoughts always formed tangles in his mind. Thus all his knowledge was outer show, but he was unable to go deeper into it.

Akkalkot Swamji Maharaj was known as the fourth incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. He took Samadhi in the year 1878. After him a saint named Balkrishna Maharaj stepped in his position and Vamanrao's father Prangovinddas used to go to him of and on.

In the month of December 16, 1910, on Datta Jayanti, Vamanrao went to Balkrishna Maharaj with his father. Balkrishna Maharaj gifted him a biography of Akkalkot Maharaj and Eknath Bhagwat in Marathi Language.

Vamanrao said to Balkrishna Maharaj, "I will accept only a saint as my Guru, who will make me see God face to face". After reading life instances of Akkalkot Maharaj, Vamanrao was deeply touched and was assured that saints who can help him to meet God are still present on this earth.

Meanwhile a relative of Vamanrao's father Sakarlal Keshavlal Bhatt met with major accident. He was badly injured in his leg. A vain of his left leg's knee was damaged and every treatment caused unproductive result. Thus he could not walk properly. When all the ways seemed to be unsuccessful, he thought that his injury could only be cured by true saint's blessing only, otherwise he would die with his lame leg. He started his search for a true saint.

Deputy collector of Kheda District Shri Hari Vinayak Sathe, who was a staunch devotee of Baba,came in contact with Prangovinddas. He told many stories and described many Leelas of Baba to Prangovinddas. Prangovinddas was highly impressed and he requested an introductory letter from Hari Vinayak Sathe. Everything was narrated to Sakarlal and they both left for Shirdi in the month of May in the year 1911.

Hari Vinayak wrote an introductory letter to Shri Balabhau Chandorkar who used to run a small hotel in Shirdi. At that time Vamanrao's father's teeth were removed surgically. The gums were weak and he was not able to eat chapatti or any such hard substances. He ate Shira at home, but in Shirdi who will help him and how can he trouble someone unknown to him, were his thoughts.

The responsibility of arrangement of meals for Shirdi pilgrims was entrusted to Bapusaheb Jog by Baba. Though Balabhau's hotel was providing good meals, Baba used to give some money out of his daily Dakshina to Dada Kelkar to feed visitors of Shirdi.

After the noon arti, devotees went for lunch at Dada Kelkar's place. Prangovinddas was served with chapattis. He was in a fix and thought, "How will I eat these chapattis. When I was at home I ate Shira, but now there is no other alternative in Shirdi." He was thinking thus and a man came running from Dwarkamai and said, "Baba has asked for a potful of Shira. Tell all the devotees not to commence eating their meals, and nobody should leave without eating Shira. So please wait till Shira is served".

Prangovinddas was surprised and came to know that Baba is a unique saint. He was impressed by the ability of Baba to know inner feelings of all His devotees. Thus Prangovinddas experienced Baba's divine powers in his first trip to Shirdi, but Sakarlal had no such experience till they left Shirdi after next two days.

Sai Baba was tested by Vamanrao by offering an apple to Baba's photo and it was partaken by Baba lovingly by eating all the pulp and only skin of the apple remained in tact. In this way Baba assured Vamanrao regarding His presence and all-pervasiveness.

In the year 1911, in the last week of November, Vamanrao Patel's LLB examination got over and as per his vow he decided to go to Shirdi. Nanasaheb Chandorkar was in Mumbai at that time. So he wrote an introductory note to his son-in-law Shri Balabhau who had a small hotel in Shirdi. Vamanrao's father Prangovinddas was very much aware of his son's nature. He knew that because his son was studying law he always had pros and cons in his mind. No lawyer will trust anything without seeing it by his own eyes. Moreover Vamanrao always said that, "I will not accept this truth there is God in this world, unless I see God face to face".

Prangovinddas said to Vamanrao, "O Son! Look at the stars in the sky, sun and moon arise and sets at correct time, they give light and due to this light, human beings and other lives get life. All this is done by supreme and nothing is in our hands". This did not affect Vamanrao's thinking a bit, instead he argued saying, "All this works as scheduled, then where is God in all this?" Vamanrao's such firm thoughts were not concealed to his father Prangovinddas and thus before going to Shirdi he thought to give his son some advice on Baba's nature and mode of showering blessings on His devotees. He said, "Look Vamanya, Saibaba is very queer fellow. Do not argue in front of Him, instead try to search the deep meaning from the words which fall in your ears.Accept with gratitude anything whether good or bad, whether given with love or with anger,given by Baba. Any gift received from such saints is for our welfare only."

Carefully listening to his father's advice, Vamanrao took the introductory letter in the name of Balabhau and proceeded to Shirdi on December 10, 1911 from Boribandar by train. He reached Kopergaon by boarding another train from Manmad. He took bath in Holy River Godavari and hired Marwadi's tonga till Shirdi.

As soon as they reached Shirdi, a small crowd was seen with cries "Victory Be Unto Sai". Marwadi Tongawala stopped the tonga and said, "The Person Who is walking in between the crowd is Sai Baba! He is going to Lendi Baug by walk." Saying this, the tongawala alighted from tonga and prostrated to Sai Baba. Vamanrao also followed this.

On seeing Vamanrao Baba said, "Ishwar Aahe Kaay Mhnun, Naahi Mhanto, nigh... meaning being a human being you doubt the existence of Almighty, Go away from here?"

Vamanrao thought, "He is the God I was searching". He was reminded of his father's experience how Baba arranged for Shira at the last moment of meals and took care of his comfort. As Vamanrao had introductory letter from Nanasaheb Chandorkar, Balabhau arranged for Vamanrao's lodging in Dixit Wada and took him for Baba's darshan. The thirst of Baba's darshan did not decrease a jot in Vamanrao's heart and so he again went to Dwarkamai with Marwadi pilgrimage. But Baba adopted an angry form and did not allow them to step into Dwarkamai. As they both were scared they did not dare to go for Noon Arti. They sat in Radhakrishnamai's home and took darshan of Baba from there only during Aarti. After lunch Vamanrao went to the Dwarkamai with Shri Shingane, Judge of High Court. Baba gave prasad of grapes sent by Radhakrishnamai to Vamanrao.

Meanwhile a devotee put forward a question before Baba, "Baba, bubos due to plague was seen on your body, do they pain now?" Baba answered, "Bhau (brother), what is the treatment?! The bubos will disappear as they appeared. I took this disease on me. Only total of seven people from the whole village will die due to plague, not more than that."

Baba sat on his seat and rested His Hand on the bolster and Vamanrao sat on a raised stone adjacent to the bolster. After a few minutes a crowd headed towards Dwarkamai. All the people requested Baba to take care of them and safeguard them from plague.(Source: Translated from Gujarati Book Sai Sarovar and published in

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Saijeevi Radhakrishnan bestowed with Yogi’s Darshan - Personal experience of Saijeevi Late Shri.R.Radhakrishnan and published in

Lord Krishna granted Arjuna divine vision (VISWARUPA DARSHANAM the universal form) as the cosmic universe. Thus He conclusively establishes His divinity. Krishna explains that His own all beautiful form of Godhead. One can perceive this form only by pure devotional service. (B. C. chapter XI)

Every one of us can have God's darshan (vision) in some form or other in our sojourn of life provided we surrender ourselves to Him with body, mind and possessions, (Tan, man, dhan) as Arjuna did to Lord Krishna. Also, when we get such darshan (divine vision) we must go on always (throughout our life) remember & cherish, (such blessings of Lord on us) so that it becomes a sadhana spiritual practice) for us to become one with the Lord (SELF REALISATION). Thus avoid the recurrence of birth & deaths, (punarapi Jananam & punarapi Maranam). Now, I shall narrate how our Lord Sai had blessed me to have such darshan on the auspicious day of Gurupoornima in 1983 or so.

I along with some devotees from Hubli was staying in the "Mangala Karyalaya" SHIRDI on the day prior to "Guru Poomima". My brother Sri. Subramaniam with some devotees from MADRAS also joined us there. We were spending the night, each narrating his Sai experiences (Sai Leelas). All of a sudden at 11.00 pm, I was feeling uneasy (in stomach) & dysentery (purging) started. I began to run to bath room every now & then. My physical condition deteriorated. I was completely exhausted & lying on the bed with semi - consciousness & chanting Baba's name silently.

At about, 4.00 am on Guru Poornima day the other devotees wanted to go and stand in the queue near Dixit wada & enter the Mandir premises in time so that they could attend the "KAKAD ARATHI" on time (ie) 5.15 Am. But, at the same time they did not want to leave me alone. Some one amongst them said to others that he (I) is a great Sai devotee, nothing will happen to him, come on let us go & attend the KAKAD ARATHI on this auspicious Guru Poornima day, & went out for Kakad Arathi. Wonder of wonders!! After they left, Baba appeared in a flash & said, "Meet the unknown yogi today & have his Darshan in Gurusthan". After this vision (Baba's appearance), I regained my (physical) strength, took bath & ran to attend the Kakad Arathi. The other devotees who were in the Mandir were wonder struck to see me there & took me near Baba. I told them about Baba's appearance to me & they were all delighted & said that Baba is "Bhaktha Paradeena" (Bonded slave of His sincere devotees). I would like to narrate some prelude (before meeting the unknown yogi on that auspicious Guru Poornima day) as indicated by Baba in the morning.

I do daily 'Parayana' (reading 2 chapters everyday) of Sri Sai Satcharita. There is a reference to this unknown Yogi in chapter XXIII under the caption 'YOGA and ONION'. "Once it so happened, that a Sadhak of yoga came to Shirdi with Nanasaheb Chandorkar. He had studied all works on Yoga, including the Yoga sutras of Patanjali, but had no practical experience. He could not concentrate his mind and attain samadhi even for a short time. He thought that if Sai Baba was pleased with him, He will show him, the way to attain samadhi, for a longer time. With this object in view, he came to Shirdi and when he went to the Masjid he saw Sai Baba eating chapati with onion. On seeing this, a thought crossed his mind: 'How can this man, eating stale bread with raw onion, solve my difficulties and help me?' Sai Baba read his mind and said to Nanasaheb, "Oh Nana, he who has the power to digest onion, should eat it and none else." Hearing this remark, the yogi was wonder struck and, he fell at Baba's feet with complete surrender. With pure and open mind, he asked his difficulties and got the solution from Baba. Thus, being satisfied and happy, he left Shirdi with Baba's udi and blessings.

I was very inquisitive (very eager to know) about this yogi's name & other details etc. Our kind Baba had fulfilled my long desire on this auspicious day. The details are as follows: After attending KAKAD Arathi we took darshan of Lord Ganapati, Shanishwar & Siva installed in separate temples near the Samadhi Mandir. Then we visited Maruthi Temple & had darshan of Maruthi, then to BABA'S Chavadi, Dwarkamai & finally entered "Gurusthan" at about 9.30 AM or so. Lo!! I couldn't believe my eyes. The unknown yogi, tall well built 5'-6" high with effulgent eyes, was present there with his disciples. I prostrated before him, (at a distance from his feet) as the yogi did not allow any one to prostrate at his feet. I saw actually Baba in him. (Baba himself appeared through him). He blessed me & suddenly went straight to Samadhi Mandir with his disciples via Gurusthan connecting SAMADHI MANDIR (only this path / way, connecting Samadhi Mandir with GURUSTHAN will be permitted to TRUSTEES OF SANSTHAN & high dignitaries to avail). Baba's indication in the early morning dream vision has been realized by me viz: I had the darshan of the unknown yogi - a divine person. Then I contacted the personal secretary of this yogi Sri. B. SAMANTH, who told me that his name was 'RAM BABA'. He visited Shirdi every year on "Guru Poornima day" to pay obeisance to Samartha Sadguru Sai Baba. He was very simple, egoless, shunned name & fame and did not accept any donation gift etc., from devotees without prior approval (intuition) from Baba. He had travelled abroad & propagated Baba's life, teachings, sayings, philosophy in all those places. He never allowed any one to prostrate at his feet nor allowed them to publish his name in any paper, magazine etc., So to say he was silently preaching BABA's life, His Leelas (experiences to his devotees). Hundreds of different devotees from all over the world became Sai devotees through him. What a great selfless Sai service he had done!! Such people are very rarely found in this world. He lived for 114 years or so. Finally he merged with Baba, thinking of BABA only just like KAKASAHIB DIXIT.

The great, Sai Devotee late Sri. Nimbalkar of Pune who was present on that day told me that the yogi never craved for food, clothes etc., and some devotee would go to him & offer food; clothes at the appropriate time, some rich philanthropists would go to him & take him abroad for Sai Prachar. Baba had taken complete care of him in all matters. It is no wonder because he had surrendered (Tan, Man, Dhan) body, mind and all possession to his Sadguru Sri. SAI BABA. His firm conviction was that Baba (BABA'S Sakthi -power) was doing every thing (residing in him, in his heart) and he was only an instrument in his hands. Indeed it is the truth, the reality which we the devotees, have to understand (realize) in life and act accordingly to receive our Samartha Sadguru BABA'S Grace  & Blessings.

To conclude, though all cannot become "RAM BABA" (one with BABA), let us at least remember BABA always, meditate on him, go through his stories (Leelas) & chant  his Taraka mantra "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI" constantly which is the easiest path to attain salvation (self realization)   (Source: Personal experience of Saijeevi Late Shri.R.Radhakrishnan and published in

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I turned to Sai Baba to save my honor - Shri.Vijaypat Singhania's personal experience with Sai Baba as narrated to Shri.Khalid A Ansari on 28th November 2005 and published in

Vijaypat Singhania is convinced he was blessed with more than a fair dollop of what he terms ‘‘good luck’’ in his record breaking balloon flight last in the month of November 2005.

‘‘I am grateful to God and Shirdi Sai Babaji for making the trip possible,’’ Vijaypat told the media persons.

Members of the Wellington Sports Club gave him a standing ovation when he entered the bar-cum-dining area of the Wellington Sports Club on that day in the afternoon. Dressed in a safari suit, Vijaypat looked relaxed as he recounted details of his voyage to the edge of space.

‘‘Every time it seemed that my mission would fail, God and Baba came to my rescue,’’ he said. ‘‘I was in constant communication with them all the way”.

The unexpectedly strong winds lifted off his balloon from its moorings prematurely, even before he was fully ready. Whereas the balloon should have taken off vertically,the gust dragged him westwards towards the sea at a dangerously low altitude.

At this juncture a rescue helicopter set off in pursuit and chief co-coordinator Andy Elson radioed to Vijaypat that he was ready to rescue him if he landed in the sea.

‘‘How farcical it would have been had I abandoned the mission just a few minutes after lift-off. I would have been the laughing stock of the world. With the burners not working efficiently, I turned to God and Saibaba and asked them to save my honor.

‘‘You won’t believe me, but at that very moment my prayers were answered, the burners kicked up and the balloon started to lift off, as if by Divine ordination. However, my burners started packing up soon after lift-off and it didn’t take long for all 18 of them to stop functioning. For the later part of my journey the balloon was powered by solar heat.’’

Vijaypat says the balloon’s ascent stalled at 60,000. ‘‘Hey Baba,’’ I said. ‘‘You have brought me so close to the record, don’t let me down now. My prayers were answered again and the balloon soared past Per Lindstrand’s record of 64,997 feet to a height of 69,852 feet.’’

‘‘At this stage Andy ordered me to return. I was sorely tempted to stay back, burn a little fuel and ascend to 75,000, perhaps even 72,000 feet. But I recalled Andy’s voice admonishing me that anything above 45,000 is forbidden territory. I decided discretion was the better part of valour and started descending”.

’’Apart from the problem with burners, there were snags with pressurization of the capsule, frosting of the cockpit window and failure of the camera and radio systems. A major slip-up concerned the lack of toilet facilities.

Referring to problems during his descent, Vijaypat said he ignored Andy Elson’s advice to slow down his descent speed, which would have necessitated his having to stay aloft for another five to six hours. ‘‘I used my commander’s prerogative and decided to return even though the ground wind was dangerously fast. I was fortunate to land without any problem. Had the capsule tilted forward during touchdown, serious injury could have resulted?

‘‘Somebody up there was definitely watching over me,’’ he says. He also considers his landing at Sinnar, between Nasik and Shirdi significant.

Certification of the record by the Federation Aviation International, the world body, is expected shortly.

Meanwhile, Jatin Vakani, Singhania’s long-time flying companion claims that although the altimeter in the capsule shows a reading of 69,852 feet, the 164-ft height of the balloon increases past the targeted figure of 70,000 to 70,016.

Vijaypat mischievously refused to be drawn into divulging future plans. However, his Cloud Nine demeanor suggested that Mission Impossible was, by no stretch of the imagination, his last adventure. (Source: As narrated by Shri.Vijayapat Singhania to Shri.Khalid A Ansari on 28th November 2005 and published in

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Experience of Shri C.Mankewallah from Ahmedabad – Sai Sudha Magazine September 1953 issue and published in

Ahmedabad is a still strange-though not so very dramatic where- instance of Baba's chamatkars took place. Here a well-known lawyer of good standing, Sri C. Mankewallah, was the person to whom or for whose benefit Baba's Leelas were performed. We may give his experience as it appeared in the September 1953 issue of the Sai Sudha, in the words of Sri Mankewallah himself.

From 1948 to 1952, for five years continuously, I suffered from dropsy and gastric ulcer. I had no appetite. I vomited blood and could not eat anything or even take water. My weight became abnormal, viz. 300 pounds last year, from January onwards. I was bed ridden. Doctors attended on me. About 1952 April, the chief doctor of the hospital and other consulting doctors of the city gave up hope of my recovery. On one day, the chief doctor noticing that blood in profuse quantity was coming out of my mouth and that my weight due to dropsy was abnormally high, viz. 300 pounds said that there was no sufficient blood in the body and that surrounding poisons would prove fatal in 2 days. Some friends and relations had advised me to worship Sai Baba (whose temple was opposite to my house) in April, 1952 and I had hung up Baba's picture in front of me and worshipped him. After looking into his photo, I got affection for him. First, I had apprehension that I should not worship a Mohammedan Saint. But, the continuous attraction of His photo on my mind and relation's talk gave me a sudden vision of Baba when I was awake at 6 p.m. He then said to me. "I am not a Fakir. But I am an incarnation of Guru Datta. There are nine gems (including me) that are incarnation of Datta, namely, Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur, Dhuniwala Dada of Khandwa, Vishnu Debananda Saraswathi of Narmada, the Mahant of Akkalkot, etc." The next day, I got 2 books in Gujarati on Baba and read them. Some days later when the doctor completely gave up hopes and stated that life will pass away in 2 hours (at noon), then Baba appeared in front of me at about 1 p.m. First a light came from the door and Baba came in that light, and my mother Sri Sivaganga and I saw Him and heard His words. He said "Baccha, Math gabra tumara sub dukha me hardeya" to me; and to my mother he said "Tumara sub dukha me hardeya" which means, "Child, fear not, All your disease (or troubles) I have taken away." "Send your grandson immediately to Shirdi."

Then he disappeared through the door. As my son had not sufficient experience of travel and as my sudden death would necessitate the presence of my son for funerals as apprehended by some, I and my mother had to consult together, but we told my son to start in the evening for Shirdi, and he did. At 6 p.m. on that day, Baba again appeared and told us. "Do not be afraid. I am with your son also. Tomorrow at 12 O'clock you will receive a wire from your son that he has reached Shirdi safe." After 6 p.m. the doctor visited me. He again gave up hopes of my survival and mocked at the above experience which was narrated to him. He said. "This is a mere hallucination.” In 1 or 2 hours, life would depart. This he said to my mother, and other close relations. Next day, at 12 noon, I got my son's wire "Reached Shirdi safe." Then from that moment, I began to purge. I purged continuously for 24 hours. Urine also passed. No blood passed. Next day, all poisons had passed out in that way, in the stools and urine; and my body became light. The weight was 75 pounds. The heart beat and the pulse were normal. The doctor came when the purging was going on. He was surprised. He was present at the weighing and the resumption of normal pulse and normal beating of the heart. The doctor was satisfied that I had now become safe and was saved by the "mysterious ways of Baba". From that date onwards my health regularly improved. In 2 months, I could and did take ordinary food. I am alright since then. I am doing regular lawyer's work now as before. I am always praying to Baba. In other matters, e.g., domestic, Baba is guiding me and protecting me. Then I went to Shirdi and I have now completed all my South Indian pilgrimages. I will visit Shirdi again on my way back home. I came to Madras 3 or 4 days back, as the guest of Mr. Ambalsi Khapadia of Adyar. On 8th night and on 9th morning, I had a vision of Baba (about 5 a.m.). He commanded me to visit his temple in Mylapore and all his devotees there. So I came here yesterday and to-day.

In 1953 was the first appearance of Baba to Sri Mankewallah but this did not stop with 1953. In 1954 he had repeated appearance and help of Baba. That was for his benefit. But Baba appeared before him in August 1954 for the benefit of the public. This pamphlet had been written, and attempts were being made to print it in August. There was inordinate delay on the part of some printer who undertook the task of printing it. Meanwhile Baba made use of the delay for furnishing the best answer to the question at the top of this pamphlet. He appeared on the morning of 23-8-1954 to Sri Mankewallah and the message he gave was for publication and broadcasting of this pamphlet and also in the History of Sai Baba that was being written by Sri B. V. N. Swami which was nearing completion for which also the following message was the best Epilogue as it was for this pamphlet. This message published in Sai Sudha, September, 1954, runs as follows:

It is with great sense of surprise, joy, and blessedness that I am penning these few lines to you, being yesterday night reminded by Shri Saibaba, who, with His habitual smiling face, inspired me in semi awakened state at the dawn of the morning to refer this matter to you, and to bring to your notice that Shri Baba is always present before his bhaktas. He is the guiding and all pervading power that shapes the ends of devotees and even of the universe. He has once saved me from the jaws of death, and he only guides me in all my and everybody's career, in this world. I saw Baba standing before me with his stick laughing, and telling me the above fact and especially asking me to refer the same to you. Why? That I do not know?

By the grace of Shri Baba after I recovered from (attack of the icy hands of Pluto) death. I appeared in many civil and criminal cases including cases under sections 302, 307 I. P. C. murders, homicide, and I have become successful in all cases. Every moment in life, I feel the presence of Shri Baba. I always feel that like a parent taking care of his child, He always takes care of me. I have sometimes to pass through severe tests in life. I had to struggle hard with worldly affairs, but in all, l am triumphant. Even in spiritual worship, Baba's presence is felt. He always reminds me at the proper time and makes me feel that he is present watching all my movements, and guiding and shaping my life's career in a wonderful way.

I again remind you that I am writing you this at the express command of Shri Baba, who has commanded me to refer this matter to you." Again to make assurance doubly sure, Baba was invited to write his name at Thotapalli Hills, Santi Asram on a silver plate. His autograph in Telugu was, accordingly found on the plate. That by the kindness of Sri Omkar Swami was sent to Sri Rajeswarananda who presided on 6-10-54 at the 81st birthday celebration of Sri B. V. Narasimha Swami and presented by him to Sri B. V. Narasimha Swami. It is now kept among articles in the Pooja room of the A.I.S.S. Mylapore Sai Mandir to enable all devotees to see for themselves how Baba is the "Living" God of his devotees actively helping every one in the universe.

All these the above instances are only an infinitesimal fraction of the miracle and benevolent acts done by Baba throughout the country - one would see that Sai Baba is undoubtedly now living and retaining the same nature and carrying on the same mission. During his lifetime up to 1918 at Shirdi, Baba said 'Mei Allahum.' His natural functions and mission were all divine. These are undoubtedly to help people who put faith in God, especially in the form of Sai. So, Sai is still carrying on his mission of removing the distress, of strengthening faith, of helping devotees from trouble, (Paritranaya Sadhunam), and of leading those who surrender themselves to him to the highest goal that man can attain, (Dharma Samstapanartaya). Baba is continuing his life in ethereal or Apantaratma shape without any fleshy body, though whenever he chooses, like Narada and Bhrigu, he does put on his fleshy body and appears to people in order to carry out his high and divine plans for the benefit of individuals or society. This will, therefore, suffice for this short pamphlet to enable people to shake off their doubts, fears, and inertia, and rouse them into a determination to get to know more of Baba, to get more contact with him, and to get all that they want, especially freedom from disease, trouble, etc. with his aid, ultimately freedom from all bondage, sorrow and misery. (Source: September 1953 issue of the Sai Sudha and published in

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Sai Baba clears the loan that Shri Vasantrao took from Shri Amidas Lakshmidas Mehta - Translated from Gujarati Book "Sai Sarovar" and published in

A money lender named Shri Amidas Lakshmidas Mehta lived in Nagpur. He lent six hundred rupees to a Sai devotee named Shri Vasantrao. Vasantrao’s bad days came and therefore he borrowed money from many other lenders also, but he could not repay his debts in time. So he decided to resort to Sai Baba. Moreover Sai Baba was always with him, so he went to Shirdi. Whenever any creditor went to Vasantrao’s house for recovery of his dues, he used to get only one answer that, “Brother is not in town”. Now Amidas was fed up by such answers. So he started searching for Vasantrao and came to know that he was in Shirdi. He got the news that Vasantrao was lying at the feet of a fakir.

Amidas went to Shirdi. He saw Vasantrao massaging Sai Baba’s feet in Dwarkamai. Amidas abused Vasantrao then and there and uttered many bad words. Vasantrao was in tears on hearing Amidas’s words and abuses. He quietly sat massaging Baba’s feet. Sai Baba said to Amidas very politely, “Brother, you have waited for many days, now please wait for two more days. You will get your money with interest day after tomorrow.” Somehow Amidas believed Sai Baba’s words and went away.

It was the third day morning. Amidas was sleeping in his house; just then some one knocked the door. Amidas came to the door rubbing his eyes, opened it and saw a stranger standing. Amidas asked, “Why brother it happened that I can not recognize you?” The guest answered, “I am a humble servant of Vasantrao. Sir has sent me to settle your account. Just check your books and take the amount including interest from this small bag in order to settle the account.” Placing a small bag in Amidas’s hand the guest said, “Sir, count the amount with your own hands, I believe in you, you will not take any extra penny”.

Amidas thought in his mind, “Will a big amount like six hundred rupees be occupied in such a small bag?” Looking at the guest with broad eyes, Amidas took the small bag and started counting the amount by taking out the coins. To his surprise, the small bag was not emptied although Amidas took many of the coins out. The coins did not decrease at all. Amidas took his six hundred rupees and said, “Brother the book of account is upstairs, please wait a minute, I will bring it”. The guest denied and said, “Oh please don’t bother sir, I have to settle many other accounts so I am in a hurry and will have to leave. Just send the receipt to Vasantrao”.

When Vasantrao received the receipt he was speechless and overwhelmed with love and joy for Sai Baba. He repented thinking that Sai Baba had to take much pain to free from the trouble of creditors. (Source : Translated from Gujarati Book "Sai Sarovar" and published in

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Sri Shirdi Sai Baba's Kafni Cloth Leelas –

"Whenever Sai Baba's Kafni or Langot were worn out or torn, he never gave it to anybody, rather he used to burn them to ashes in Dhuni. And it was not compulsory that the clothes of Sai Baba had to be old in order to burn them.

Sometimes he even used to burn clothes which were used for a short time & sometimes he would repair the worn out clothes and use them. When Sai Baba's clothes were torn, Tatya Patil used to tear them more by his fingers.

If Sai Baba wanted to take any devotee high up in the matter of spirituality, then that lucky person got Sai Baba’s old clothes as Prasad. The clothes of Sai Baba had immense powers in it. Once Sai Baba gifted His Kafni to Mhalsapati. The result was that till his death Mhalsapati lived like a sanyasi while also taking care of his family and social attachments.

In another instance, Sai Baba gave his Kafni to a devotee named Muktaram. As the Kafni was dirty, Muktaram washed it and placed it in Wada (Dharamshala) to dry. After this, Muktaram went for Baba's Darshan. Vamanrao was present where the Kafni was kept for drying in Kaka Saheb Dixit’s Wada.

A voice came from the Kafni said - "See, Muktaram has brought me here and hanged upside down."

Vamanrao immediately took the Kafni and wore it himself. After wearing the Kafni, Vamanrao went to Dwarkamai.

Sai Baba got angry when He saw the Kafni worn by Vamanrao. But Vamanrao was determined to take Sanyas. When time came after this incident Vamanrao went high up in the matter of spirituality.

On Tuesday 15th October`1918, the day Baba took Samadhi, an old cloth Bag that Baba never allowed anyone to touch was opened and in it a Green Kafni and a Green Cap (headgear) were found, which were given to him by Kasi Ram, the tailor.
Baba had worn them also but later preferred white robes only. And, along with other items, this bag was also placed with Baba inside his Samadhi.

Nowdays, Baba's other regular worn Kafni’s are kept at the "Sai Baba Museum" in Dixit Wada at Shirdi. – (Source:

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