Parama Pujya yogi Dyananathji Ranade was born on the auspicious Vamana Dwadashi Day i.e., 10th September 1924  to Smt.Godavari and Sai Mahabhakta Late Shri.Narayan Motiram Jani at Nasik. (Ref:Shri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 33)  At a very early age of 18 years, he was blessed with Deeksha as per Nath Customs (Nav Nath Sampradaya) by  His Holiness Yogi Harinath Baba at Anupan Rock in Triambekshawar .  He became a holy person ( Siddhapurush ) of Nath Sampradaya in the order of   Santa Shresht Jnaneshwar Maharaj tradition . After 8 years, i.e, in the year 1950, Parama Pujya Siddha Guru Harinath Baba took Samadhi at Chochi Mutt located in Kandala (Mumbai–Pune Highway). Poojya Shri Shankar Maharaj , Poojya Shri Gajanan Maharaj Gupte (Nasik), Shri.J.Krishnamurthy, Poojya Govindkaka Uplekar  ( Paltan) , His Holiness Shri.Dada Maharaj Satarkar (Mumbai), Dr.Appa Dhaneshwar, Shri.D.L.Nirokekar (Author of Atmapraba) loved and looked after Shri.Dyananath as their Son , as he commanded respect from everyone since his childhood days.

Yogi Harinath Babaji

Later, as days rolled by, as per his Sadguru’s advise, Dyananath started detailed study of Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj’s literary works in addition to maintaining his family and work. As per Sant Namdev’s writings Dyananathji felt that he should experience different Ovis from Jnaneshwari without differentiating between family and God. Parama Pujya Shri.Bapu Vategavkar used to love Dyananath like his own son. Pujya Bapu used to be very happy to debate on the topic of Eknath Maharaj Bhagawat with Dyananath.

When Dyananathji used to guide  devotees about Inward Journey or “Antarmukh Upasana” to Bhakt mandali,  he used to get lot of blessings from all the Saints. He used to conduct various religious programmes like pravachan, Meditation Camps, Debate (Sashak Sakhya Samvad) on a regular basis at different places like Pune, Mumbai, Nasik  Kolhapur. He used to mainly preach the devotees on  how to perform  daily Parayan of Haripat, Jnaneshwari, Eknath Bhagvat, Das Bodh, Manache Shlok etc.  He also used to guide them on how to purify  one’s Inner soul by reducing the karmas through Inward Journey ( Antarmukh Abhyas). He used to explain very effectively using simple language that created great impact on the minds of the devotees who attended his programmes.  With his  regular Pravachan programmes in and around of Pune, he has successfully brought about drastic changes  in the life of  many youngsters who had fallen prey to bad habits.

In view of the above, Dyananathji Ranade has constructed  a very beautiful  &  energetic  Ashram  in a very serene atmosphere encompassing 12 villages near Katraj-gujarwadi-Nimbalkar wadi. In order to nurture true value of love, care, good human values & attitude  in  small children,  young boys & girls,  ladies, lot of development activity is being carried out which is the speciality of this Ashram. Even now at the ripe old age of 91, he is passionately promoting the parayan of Jnaneshwari from his own residence for the last 50 years. He has been doing Prachar of Jnaneshwari on all the important festivals like Sharadiya Navaratri, Ramanavami, Shivratri etc.  In order to show respect for the excellent literary masterpiece of Jnaneshwari by Sant Jnaneshwar, Dyananathji Ranade had organized a special function between 20th November 1995 to December 1996 on the auspicious occasion of 700th Year of Sajeeva Samadi Mahotsav  of Sant Shresht Jnaneshwar Maharaj at His Samadi Mandir at Ajanbagh, Alandi. On the occasion,  Jnanajyoth Parayan & Non Stop Dhuni was organized.  He stayed for the whole year at Alandi and personally supervised all the year long programmes that were held.

Shri.Dyananathji Ranade has contributed a lot of spiritual articles which have been published in the Daily Newspapers like  Tarun Bharat,  Sakkal,  Loksaktha , Prabhat etc. and have gained lot of popularity amongst the readers.

Shri.Dyananathji Ranade has also written many Books  which have been  published through Santhkrupa Pratishatan. Some of the books are listed below:

Autobiographies (Life History) of:    

1. Yogi Harinath Baba
2. Shankar Maharaj
3. Pujya Govindakaka uplekar
4. Pujya Dada Maharaj satarkar
5. Pujya Jogan vitamayee
6. Pujya Vishwanath Maharaj Rukdikar
7. Jangali Maharaj or Jaagarnath etc

At present, Parama Pujya Dyananathji Ranade is residing at Pune as his followers have spread in and around Pune, Maharashtra.

Shri.Dnyannath Jani Ranade and his son Sudhir Ranade (Grandson of Narayanrao Motiram Jani) and 2 Great Grandsons (Sons of Shri.Sudhir Ranade) are now living at Pune and leading a peaceful life.

Shri.Sudhir Ranade

The Ranade Family have built a Shiv Gorakshnath Mandir in their house premises.

Shiv Gorakshnath Mandir

We have given below the contact details of Shri.Dyananathji Ranade for the benefit of Sai Devotees:


Shri.Dnyannath Jani Ranade
Plot No 45, Tulshi Baugwale Colony, 
Near Dasha Bhuja Ganpati Temple, 
Pune–411 009.
Contact Number:+91 20 2422 0293

(Source: Marathi Original Book “Yogi Dyananathji Ranade”. Personal Interview Smt.Shreya Nagaraj had with Shri.Dnyannath Jani Ranade on 25th April 2015; Translation from Marathi to English by Shri.Nagaraj Anvekar, Bangalore. Photo Courtesy:Shri.Nagaraj Sham, Pune)