Shri.Cyrus Jehangir Sataravala is the author of a 1000 pages English Book on motivational self-help titled "Beyond Guts". He is a prolific Writer, Preacher and an ardent Shirdi Saibaba Devotee.

Cyrus Jehangir Sataravalla, who is lovingly called "Sai-rus" was born to Late Lieutenant-General Jehangir T. Sataravala, M.B.E; M.C. and Perrin J. Sataravala. Cyrus says, "She is my first living, walking and Guiding God. She is my Guru, Angel and my All-in-One".

He was born on January 2, 1958 and has lived a challenging life, but feels that dear Sai Baba forever came and helped him.

When he was eight years old, he underwent a life-changing illness. Then again, when he was 18 years old, he was rushed to USA for a 10-hour surgery on March 15, 1977, where his large intestine (5 feet) and rectum were removed. In 1991, his small intestine (two feet) was removed.

He has done his B.A (Hons.) with History as major subject at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. After a stint with managing a tea estate in Solur, he returned home, and created a stir with his dynamism and motivational lectures. He believes that the laser sharp thoughts can help you manifest anything you desire.

During his lectures on the Power of Thought and Creative Imagination, many would ask, ‘Cyrus, do you hypnotize.’ He said, “I would smile and utter, not at all, in fact, I do the reverse and de-hypnotize you from limiting thoughts and inculcate utter Self Belief, first in yourself, and then automatically in the guru-God within, who always awaits answering any and every impossible worthy dream.”

He says "My legendary and heroic father, told me in my childhood, which I have reverentially clasped to my heart, “When the fire-ray of unbending intent coupled with will-power burns and resonates jewel-bright then confluences of many rivers can be squeezed from mere stone.”

In 2004, he was inspired to write and release a 1000-pages motivational self-help book called "Beyond Guts". In this magnum opus he chronicles how every time life handed him a lemon, he turned it into the delicious lemonade. The lemonade has been served in these pages for all to partake.

The book is an interesting read; the language is ornate and stylishly metaphoric at times, but reveals poignantly facets of life leaving us asking for more.

The book has a ‘pick me up’ appeal as it has eye catchy layout with interesting fonts, beautiful sketches, photographs, pictures, anything and everything to hold you spell bound.

There are many interesting Sai Baba related incidences, which he has experienced, but one that stands out and he wants to share it with readers is, “A few years ago I was absolutely amazed when Shri Manohar Nagare the Temple Priest of Shirdi’s sacred Khandoba Mandir, came to my Pune residence along with Sai Nath Maharaj’s revered ‘Charan Paduka’s’. This was momentous occasion. I feel if Sai Maharaj wills, Sai-rus is ready to be glued permanently to His big toe, and then there will be nothing left for me to ever ask.”

He humbly says his "Rinanubandh" to be a Sai Devotee and serving his Mother is the ultimate rewards amongs rewards. Nothing can grant him greater interior bliss or happiness than serving his mother.

We have given below the contact details of Shri.Cyrus Jehangir Sataravala for the benefit of Sai Devotees.

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Cyrus Jehangir Sataravala
E4 Ashoka,3,Naylor Road,
Pune- 411 001,

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+91 98231 10144/020-2612 5457

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(Article and Photo Courtesy: Kum.Shamshaad Ali Baig, Journalist, Navi Mumbai)