Shri.Chakor Ajgaonkar is a multifaceted Sai Personality. He is Poet, Lyricist and a Spiritual Writer.  

He was born on 29th April 1930 at Ajgao village in the erestwhile Santhawadi State (Goa Border) to Late Smt.Nalini Rajram Ajgaonkar and Late Shri. Rajaram Baburao Ajgaonkar.

He completed his basic primary education at Matunga High School (1st and 2nd Standard) and Kudal High School (3rd and 4th Standard) at Vengurla Village in the erstwhile Sawantwadi State. Afterwards, He came to Mumbain at the age of 10 years in the year 1940.

He was a witness to the Patriotic Upsurge in the year 1942. He participated in the Rashtriya Seva Dal. Wrote “Maharastra Jai” song which is popular all over Maharashtra even to this day.

He completed his Matric from King George High School in the year 1947. He feels proud and happy to see India getting Freedom from British Rule at such a tender age. He completed B.A. (Hons) with Marathi, Sanskirt and English as optional subjects from Ramnarayan Ruia College in the year 1950. He later completed His M.A. (Sanskrit/Marathi) from Mumbai University.

His father was a devotee of Satam Maharaj of Sindhdurg. He was also a famous  lyricist and founder Editor of a famous magazine in marathi magazine “Kirat” .

He worked with Maharashtra Public Service Commission as Officer with Oriental Translators, a State Government Undertaking, later in Education and Finance Departments. The honour of compiling the Maharashtra Budget in Marathi rests with him even to this day.  With Baba’s Grace and His sincere efforts he rose to higher positoin and finally retired as Deputy Secretary from Maharashtra Government. He first visited Shirdi when was 25 years of age. While he was in Government Service,  he visited Shirdi several times with Green Forest Cover and studied in detail Sai Baba’s life for about 12 years. During the later years, i.e., after he retired from Government Servie, he served as the Editor Shri Sai Leela Magazine for several years.

He was a student of Yogic and Bhakti Literature specially Kundalini Yoga, Nath and Datta Sampradayas. As a young boy of 14 years he was practicing Patanjali Yoga. He was inspired by the books of Vivekanand and Kalyan Magazine, Yogic Literatures and other Sai Literatures. His literary diction is coupled with high spiritual and yogic experiences and grace from Guru and God. In 1963, he performed Upasana of Hanuman and had a divine vision of Hanuman. He got Shakti Pat Yoga Deeksha from gulwavani maharaj, kundalini yogi in 1967.  Infact, with the Divine Grace of Shri Swami Samarth of Akkalkote and Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi had wonderful Divine Vision in the year 1970. He humbly says “ I am still experiencing the Divine Visions of these two Masters till date”.

In the year 1970 Shri.Chakor Ajgaonkar met Dr.Keshav Bhagawant Gawankar author of Maganum Opus work on Sai Baba titled “Shirdiche Sai Baba” who initiated him to  “Ganesh Mantra” Deeksha. In the same year in May 1970, Lord Ganesh appeared in his dream and informed  him that his next initiation will be from Dr.Vitthal Rao Ghatwai. Dr.Ghatwai was a Nath Sampradaya Yogi who was directly intiated by Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur. Infact, Roshan Shaw who is believed to be the Guru of Sai Baba was born as Tajuddin Baba in his next birth. Dr.Ghatwai initiated Shri.Ajgaonkar and gave him Nath Deeksha at Pune in the year 1970.

He has authored several Books on Shri Sai Baba, Swami Samarth and other spiritual subjects in Marathi and English Languages. Some of them are : “Sai Baba: Tales from Sai Baba's Life”, “Footprints of Sai Baba” – by Diamond Publications, New Delhi, “Sadhana – A New Way of Life” published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and “The Divine Glory of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba".

He has contributed many articles on Shri Sai Baba, Swami Samarth, other Spiritual Masters and also on Religioin and Philosophy and the same have been published in many leading magazines/periodicals.

Shri.Chakor Ajgaonkar is himself  an authority in Yoga, Bhakti, Dhyan Sadhana and Mysticism and loves to write books on these subjects. His writing are therefore products of Self Knowledge for Devotees. His writings encompass all the subjects starting from Literature on Sanatana Dharma to Modern Cultural and Spiritual Literature that have created great impact on readers.

His Drama on Untouchability was not only popular all over Maharashtra but also fetched him an Award in the year 1955.  He was honoured with the Title “Ratnabhushan” by Manik Prabhu Sansthan in the year 1979. He has also been honoured by the then Thane Mayor in the year 1996 for his literary accomplishments. The songs on Sai Baba and Swami Samarth written by him  have been relayed on All India Radio and Television Channels.  The Musical CD/Cassettes on Sai Baba titled “Sai Geetayan” and on Swami Samarth are popular all over Maharashtra State and are sung by well known Singers like Anuradha Poudwal, Ajit Khadkade, Suresh Wadekar, Shahir Sable and others.  He wrote the Lyrics for Maharashtra State Song popularly known as  “Maharashtra Geet”  in the year 1960 which is sung by well known singer Shri.Shahir Sable. Maharashtra Geet is very popular all over Maharashtra even to this day.

He is married to Smt.Kaumudi Chakor Ajgaonkar (DOB: 8th June 1934 at Karwar, Karnataka). He is blessed with 3 daughters namely: Smt.Asmita Prakash Sawant, Smt.Samata Chandrashekar Angolkar and Smt.Vaikhari Yatindra Chaubal. All his 3 daughters are married and well settled in life.

At present Shri.Chakor Ajgaonkar and Smt.Kaumdi Chakor Ajgaonkar are leading a happy and peaceful life at Thane, Maharashtra.

We are giving below the contact details of Shri.Chakor Ajgaonkar for the benefit of Sai Devotees:


Shri.Chakor Ajgaonkar
No.14, Girisameep, near sai mandir,
Srinagar, Thane, -400 604.

Contact Number:

93248 59474

Email ID:


Not Available


“Sai Baba: Tales from Sai Baba's Life”, “Footprints of Sai Baba” – by Diamond Publications, New Delhi, “Sadhana – A New Way of Life” published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and “The Divine Glory of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba".

(Source: Personal Interview with Shri.Chakor Ajgaonkar on 27th November 2015, Photo Courtesy: Smt.Shreya Nagaraj, Pune)