Shri.Ayub Gulzar Pathan is in charge of the Bandset Group that performs during the world famous “Chavadi Procession” held every Thursday in Shirdi. He is a multifaceted personality. He is a Bhajan Singer, Drummer, Lyricist and Actor. He was born on 26th February 1969 in Shirdi, Maharashtra to Smt.Ameena and Late Shri.Gulzar Anwar Pathan.

Shri.Ayub Gulzar Pathan came under the influence of a Parsi Saint Shri.Homi Baba in the year 1980. He considered Shri.Homi Baba as his Guru and served him till his Samadhi in the year 1995. At present Shri.Ayub Gulzar Pathan is taking care of Homi Baba Ashram doing voluntary service.

He humbly tells that he did not practice the Art of Drumming under any Guru but self learnt the Art by the Grace of Shirdi Saibaba. 

He has been instrumental in preparing the Bandset Group for the World Famous “CHAVADI PROCESSION” held every Thursday and during various Festive Occasions observed by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi. He started performing in Chavadi Procession along with his father at a very young age 10 years and has continued this wonderful Selfless Sai Seva for more than 30 years.

The entire Bandset Group wears White Trousers and wonderful Saffron colored T Shirts portraying the Palanquin Symbol on them.  He personally guides the Bandset Group by making excellent facial gestures and hand movements and the group members exactly follow his gestures and movements. 

The Bandset Group starts their performance around 7 PM in the evening at the Central Hall of Samadhi Mandir.  And around 8:30 PM the Chavadi Procession starts from the Samadhi Mandir and goes to Dwarakamai and then to Chavadi. There Aarti is performed to Saibaba. Later the Procession goes around the village and returns to the Samadhi Mandir. Thus, The Bandset Group would be continuously performing for almost 3 Hours. Hats off to the Bandset Group who perform under the direction of Shri.Ayub Gulzar Pathan! It is indeed a treat to watch the Bandset Group on every Thursday during Chavadi Procession.

He has performed in a Hindi Film “Pranam Wale Kum” and two Hindi Videos titled “Sainath Mere” and “Sai Simarlo”.

He has given Bhajan Performances in Shirdi, Surat, Delhi, Meerut, Badayun and Gwalior.

He has been honored by “Sai Sevak Mandal, Surat” for his Bhajan Performance.

At present, he is leading a happy and peaceful life with his Wife and Children in Shirdi.  

We have given below Shri.Ayub Gulzar Pathan’s contact details for the benefit of Sai Devotees:

Contact Details:


C/o.Homi Baba Ashram,
Pimpalwadi Road, Next to Gobind Dham,
Shirdi-423 109,
Rahata Taluk, Ahmed Nagar District,

Contact Numbers

+91 94204 70868 / +91 98504 49728

Email Address:

Not Available

Website Link :

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Videos of Bandset performance by Bandset Group
during Chavadi Procession

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(Source: Personal Interview with Shri.Ayub Gulzar Pathan on 3rd August 2012)