Our Mission

Our mission is to provide information on Shirdi Saibaba in particular and other Sadgurus in general, share views, dilemmas and sai leelas amongst devotees all over the world. This adventure is part of a vision of SHRI SAI to move ahead towards spirituality.

Origin of Concept of Saiamrithadhara

“AMRITHA” means “Nectar of Immortality” ; “DHARA” means “Uninterrupted flow” . “SAIAMRITHADHARA” means “The uninterrupted flow of Nectar of Immortality in the form of Lord Sai Baba”. The Supreme One is propitiated as “Amrithesha” in our scriptures. Amritha here means not the nectar that gives immunity to our body against death for the gross external frame with which we enter this world has to perish some day or the other  (Viz;  Patanaavadhi Maranaavadhi Shareerah) but the soul (Aatman ) within is imperishable. So Amritha refers to that nectar which helps us realize that the Aatman within us is same and one with the imperishable, universal, immortal “Paramaatman”.  This is the functionality of the Principle of GURU  (Guru Thatva). The Supreme One himself assume the form of a Guru to uplift the mankind from it’s fallen state and ferry them across the miserable ocean of worldly existence (Bhavasaagara) to the shore of the Supreme State (Parama padam). The Immortal, Supreme One out of compassion, donned a human garb and manifested in the hamlet of Shirdi as Yogi Raja YogasampannaSamartha Sadguru Sai Baba.

Sai Maharaj attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1918 on the day of Vijayadashami. Though he left his gross frame (Sthoola Roopam), still he is ever present in his Sookshma Roopam in every atom of this creation (Anurenu vaasi). Not only is he Anurenu Vaasi but also “Sarvahrudayaantar Vaasi” (One who resides in the heart of all beings) in the form of Viveka and Vairagya which helps us to realize the Self.

The christening of our website as “SAIAMRITHADHARA” was also done on similar lines. Sadguru Sai and his teachings (which are no different from him) is the Nectar that flows uninterruptedly with such turbulence (Dhara) that it washes away all our sins in a trice and drenches us with the principle of Vairagya and finally helps us attain oneness with the Supreme One (Viz; Lord Sai himself).

Hence, a group of dedicated Sai Devotees from Bangalore were discussing the need of a blog or a Website to put all information about Sainath Maharaj in one place for the benefit of Devotees, as information currently available on the websites was either partial or incomplete. Hence, we decided to launch a blog initially and a website later on and try our level best to give as much information as possible about Shirdi Saibaba. Finally, a blog was launched on the 20th June 2009 (http://www.saiamrithadhara.blogspot.com) and the website was launched on Vijayadashami Day i.e., 28th September 2009 by Smt. Annapurna Tilak, an ardent devotee of Shirdi Saibaba. Smt. Girija Sastry, an eminent writer who has written / translated many books was also present on the occasion.