Sai Mahabhakta Late Shri.Waman Narvekar's name finds a mention in Chapter 29 of Holy Shri Sai Satcharitra.

Waman Narvekar loved Baba very much. He once brought a coin and wanted to have it consecrated by Baba. On one side of it were engraved the figures of Rama, Laxman and Sita and on the other side the figure of Maruti with folded hands. He offered it to Baba in the hopes that He would consecrate it with His touch and return it with Udi. But Baba immediately pocketed it. Then Shama spoke to Baba regarding Wamanrao’s intention and requested Him to return it. Then Baba said, “Why should it be returned to him? We shall keep it ourselves. If he gives 25 rupees for it, it will be returned.” Then, for the sake of that rupee, Wamanrao somehow found 25 rupees and placed it before Baba. Then Baba said, “The value of that rupee far exceeds 25 Rupees. Shama, take this rupee, let us have it in our store; keep this in your shrine and worship it.” No one had the courage to ask Baba why He did this. Only He knows what is best and most suitable for everyone.

(Source: Chapter 29 of Holy Shri Sai Satcharitra)