Sai Mahabhakta Vasudev Sadashiv Joshi's name finds a mention in Shri Sai Leela Magazine published by Shri Sai Baba Sansthan.

Shri.Vasudev Sadashiv Joshi was a trader from Sholapur and was running a company named "Satyanarayana Company". Four Leelas related to Shri.Vasudev Sadashiv Joshi as mentioned Shri Sai Leela Magazine are as below:

Vasudev Sadashiv Joshi sees Lord Narasimha in Baba's photograph:

Joshi was very fond of having darshan of saints and sadgurus. He had the good fortune of meeting Sai Maharaj. Chidambar Keshav alias Anna Sahib Gadgil had started an annadan centre in Ganagapur. He purchased the grains and groceries from Sholapur, and it was there that he met Joshi on a business level. Later they became dear friends, as they were like-minded' people.

One day Joshi received a letter from Gadgil saying that he was at Shirdi for some days, so Joshi should avail of this opportunity and join him there. He further added that the fare, to and fro from Shirdi, was ten rupees. And it was worth spending. If he did so Shri Narayan would give him a million in return. Joshi was touched by his letter, so he lett immediately.

Upon reaching Shirdi he was accommodated in Sathe wada. He was extremely happy to see Gadgil there, who had made all the necessary arrangements. Then he had Baba's darshan and was filled with bliss. Upon returning to Sathe wada, Joshi saw a 40 x 50 inch photograph of Baba in the wada. Twice a day, arati was performed to it. Another photograph ot Baba was in Dixit wada, and here too Aarti was performed twice a day. The photograph in Sathe wada held his attention and he could not take his eyes off it.

At the evening arati, while looking at Baba in the photograph, he saw Lord Narasimha. He looked at that roopa with great concentration, and soon became oblivious of his surroundings. The arati was over, and he was oblivious of it, then his friend Gadgil shook him and asked him to accompany him to the wada. This leela occurred during the arati for three consecutive days. Then he could not contain himself, so he told his friends about it. They told him that Baba often does such leelas.

But the leela left an indelible mark on him. Soon he felt his soul stirring, and perceived the presence of the Lord in each and every particle of matter. He also felt that he should pray without any selfish motives because God knows his wants and gives what he needs. Thus he felt that his pilgrimage to Shirdi was very fruitful. (Ref: Sai Leela Chaitra Shake 1845. Ank1. Year 1 (1923).

Vasudev Joshi asks Baba for permission to return home:

Filled with utter bliss and serene calm Joshi had to return home.   He thanked Sathe for the hospirality extended by him. Sathe, then informed him that, without Baba's permission, it would be impossible to leave Shirdi.  The other Sevakaris (volunteers) advised him to ask Baba for some wish to be granted. Joshi replied, "I came here for the sole purpose of having Baba's darshan without any other wish or motive. So I am disinclined to ask him for anything. After a long time I  got a chance to meet Baba, and my desire and wish is fulfilled." They then urged him to ask Baba to bless his company. It was called Shri Satyanarayan Company. Vasudev was unconvinced by their pleas.

At about 2 o'clock that day Vasudev along wth Gadgil and his  relatives went to meet Baba. Nonetheless his companions asked Baba to bless his business without mentioning name. "Yana Narayanani chutney bhakarisa kahi kami kelam aahe kaay, Thyanchi ichcha nasatha tumhi bakajabari ka kartha" (Roughly translated - Has Lord Narayan not gpven him chutney and bhakari? Ask him if he lacks anything? Why are you forcing him to ask for something, when he has no desire to do so? The group was amazed to hear Baba say exactly what was in Joshi's mind. (Ref: Sai Leela Chitra Shake 1845. Ank 1 Yar 1 (1923).

Baba gives Joshi burfi and salted peanuts:

Later when Joshi asked Baba for permission to return home Baba said, "Such a person, without any ulterior motive, or desire of gain does not need to ask for permission. You may come and go whenever your heart desires." Then Baba gave each of them a piece of burfi.  The rest of the group felt that three pieces of bufi prasad would not be sufficient for distribution at home. So Joshi decided to buy eight annas worth of burfi from some shop, as he believed that any Prasad bought in Shirdi was Baba's prasad.

He set out to buy the prasad, when he saw a man carrying a platter full of burfi. The man told him that Baba had sent him specially to give the prasad to Gadgil's friend, i.e., Joshi. So they divided the prasad amongst themselves.

That day Shirdi had its 'Sunday Bazaar when neighbouring villagers came to sell their produce at the central market. The group wanted salted peanuts for the way home. They bought some from a villager who was on her way to the market. As it was delicious, Gadgil gave a person a rupee and asked him to buy some from the market. Sathe met him on the way and asked him where he was going? "To buy some peanuts for Joshi and his group" he replied.  No sooner had he uttered these words, Baba sitting in the Dwarakamai said, "Take two big baskets of salted peanuts and give them to Gadgil and his friends. The rest, disribute to the devotees seated here." Some devotee had, a while ago, brought wo sacks of salted peanuts and offered them to Baba. The group was amazed at Baba's omnipresence and omniscience. Joshi and the group renurned to Sholapur with tears of joy in their eyes. (Ref: Sai Leela. Chaitra Shake I845, Ank 1, Year 1 (1923)

Baba consents to let his photograph be talken:

Joshi returned to Sholapur in a state of utmost calm, peace and bliss. His devotion for Baba increased manifold. There he met the owner of V S Photographers, his name is not mentioned. He was totally devoted to Baba. This photographer had taken a photograph of Baba,  which he had given to Joshi a while ago. Joshi venerated that photograph daily and prayed to it.

One day Joshi told the photographer to take a trip to Shirdi, and take a photograph of Baba for him. He also gave him a letter, addressed to Gadgil, requesting him to make arrangements for his stay. Then he gave him money for all the expenses he would incur on the trip.

The photographer went to Shirdi, and had Baba's darshan. Then he sat in front of him. After some time Baba said, (Roughly translated)  "Arre, didn't Joshi Bua of Satyanarayan company send you to take a photograph? Then why are you just sitting there? Take a photograph in any pose that you want.". Then without any hesitation, Baba with a great deal of joy and happiness sat and allowed His photograph to be taken. Then he stood up and allowed the photographer to take one more photograph.


When the photographer was leaving after a four day stay, Baba said "When you sell these photographs, do not charge more than the cost price. You are the disciple of Joshi Bua of Satyanarayan Company; he will never ever let you sell it for a profit. By the blessings of Joshi Bua you will get spirinual uplifment and emancipation."

Then Balba gave him permission to leave. At Sholapur they registered the photographs under the name of Bhiksha Sanstha. They received many orders for those photographs, and were able to recover the expenses of the Shirdi trip, and much more. This is the leela of Baba's photograph with consent. (Ref: Sai Leela Chaitra Shake 1845. Ank 1. Year 1 (1923)

(Source: Shri Sai Leela Magazine, Chaitra Shake 1845, Ank 1 Year 1, 1923 Photo Courtesy: Vinny Chitluri)