Vaman Rao was born and bred in Shirdi. His family was wealthy farmers and landowners. His descendants say that they owned 500 acres of land in and around Shirdi. They also state that they owned Lendi Baugh and adjacent lands. They sold Lendi Baugh to Moreshwar Pradhan who donated it to the Sansthan. This is one of the blessed houses that Baba took Bhiksha from. This house is on the right hand side opposite to Sakharam Shelke's house.

Mention is made of this house in Sri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 19. Baba placed a ladder against this house and climbed up on the roof. Then he crossed the roof of Radhakrishna Mai's house and descended on the rear side. At that time Baba was very sick and so was Radha Krishna Mai. Purandare had pleaded with Baba to cure Mai and this was Baba’s unique remedy.

Baba gave Rs.2/- to Venku Kamblekar, who brought the ladder, for his labour. The other devotees objected saying that Baba had paid too much. Baba told them that any labour should be paid for promptly and adequately. Kamblekar had no children but after he received this money he prospered and got two sons.

Vaman Rao Gondkar after leading a prosperous life died on 15th April 1964. His descendants are living in Shirdi and carrying on his legacy. The Palkhi and Rath when taken in procession through the village on festivals, stops first at this house. The family is given the honor of doing the first pooja to Baba and the Palkhi and Rath.