Sai Mahabhakta Tukaram Barku was a Landlord from Mahar. On 9th December 1936, he narrated in his own words the experiences he had with Shri Sai Baba to Late Shri.B.V.Narasimha Swamji as below:

This incident happened in the year 1912. When the water was first let into the Godavari Canals here, I was starting for Karanjigaon, a village 20 miles off Shirdi to get some work and thereby maintain myself. At the very beginning, when I was in this village on the Kopergaon Road, Baba met me on His way to Lendi or back from Lendi Garden. He put His arm around my neck and said, "Do not go". But I disregarded His advice and went to the said village. The day after I reached Karanjigaon, I was laid up with fever that continued for long period of time. Hence, working in that condition was out of question. I had to depend on the kindness of some of my relatives in that village who looked after me. After suffering for 15 days from fever in that village, I felt strong enough to get back to Shirdi. But even after coming back to Shirdi, my fever continued for 45 days. Then I asked my mother to get me Baba's Udhi. She applied Baba's Udhi to me and the very next day the fever ceased to exist.

(Source: Devotees' Experiences of Sri Sai Baba Part I, II and III by Sri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)