Sai Mahabhakta Shri Krishna Purushottam Patil’s name is briefly mentioned in Chapter 13 of holy Shri Sai Satcharitra. The Leelas pertaining to the Sai Mahabhakta has been mentioned in Shri Sai Leela Magazine.

In 1904 Shri Krishna Purushottam Patil decided to repair his ancestral home. At that time his brothers started fighting with each other; hence he lost his peace of mind. So he decided to go to Akkalkot, just before he left his friend advised to go to Shirdi then proceed for Akkalkot. He reached Kopergaon in the morning and after a difficult journey reached Shirdi at 10 a.m. As it was Gurupurnima he witnessed puja being performed to Baba by Dixit, Chandorkar and others.

He had darshan and performed puja and sat before Baba. Looking at him Baba said, “Arre. When a severe blow knocks his teeth into his throat, then we will see how that wicked snake jumps about” This is a Marathi saying. When roughly translated it means, “Arre .Why do you worry? You have done no harm to others, so god will do no harm to you. God will bless to you with abundance. I will watch how long the wicked folk strut about”. Then Baba took some Sandalwood paste, rice and some petals and applied them to his forehead and the temples and said this is Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Trinity). Shama who was close by asked Baba as to what leela he would show them that day. Baba replied that it was the leela of the normal world. After this he was sent to the wada, although he didn’t know anyone, yet Nana graciously took care of him.

That morning he went to take permission to leave, and gave two rupees as dakshina, Baba asked him for two more rupees saying, “If you give four you receive eight. What you sow you reap. If you don’t sow how can you reap a rich harvest”?

While returning from Akkalkot he was short of money and so bought a ticket to Poona. One of his fellow passengers advised him not to go to Poona as Plague was rampant there and most of the city was deserted. The passenger then got down and bought him a ticket for Mumbai handed it to him saying, “You can send me the amount by Money order”. The passenger also bought him some tea and as the train was approaching the station they proceeded to board it, but the passenger had disappeared in the crowd.  Later Patil searched for that passenger, but couldn’t find him, his eyes filled with tears as he realized that it was Baba himself. 

In 1905 Shri Krishna Purushottam Patil had gone for Baba’s darshan. On that day a villager had brought a basket full of Guavas and offered them to Baba. Baba gave all the devotees one Guava each but gave him five Guavas. Then he asked him to stay for another day. When he was granted permission to leave Baba blessed him. On the way back he was in turmoil as he had gone to Shirdi without taking permission from his superior, and had overstayed one more day. He was frightened to rejoin as his superior would be angry with him, worse he might loose his job.

He was surprised when his boss smiled and told him, “In the Drawing Department every one received a pay hike but you have received five rupees more from the Promotion Agent ”. Hearing this he realized why Baba had given him five Guavas. He was over whelmed with gratitude for Baba’s kind gesture.

(Source: Shri Sai Leela Magazine Year 4 ank 2 vaishak shake 1848 Ank 2 1926, Baba’s Divine Symphony by Vinny Chitluri and Shri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 13 Ovi Nos.132 and 133)