Sai Mahabhakta Shri.Sane who was working as Mamledar (Revenue Officer) of Kopergaon had the good fortune of meeting Sai Baba and getting His Divine Blessings.

The name of this Sai Mahabhakta has been mentioned in Shirdi Diary by G.S.Khaparde on 8th January 1912, 24th January 1912, 1st February 1912 and 24th February 1912. The details are as below:

Shri.Sane first visited Sai Baba on 8th January 1912 along with Shri.Joshi who was the Deputy Collector of Dhulia. After finished reading a chapter of Ramayan, G.S.Khaparde went along with Shri.Sane and Shri.Joshi for taking Darshan of Sai Maharaj. They had to wait for a long period of time to take His Darshan, as Baba had gone for His usual stroll. Later, they all took Darshan of Sai Baba and attended the Shej Aarti. They also attended the usual Bhajan and Ramayana recitation at Dwarakamai Masjid.

On 24th January 1912, after the afternoon Aarti at Dwarakamai, Shri.G.S.Khaparde returned to Dixit Wada where he saw Shri.Sane sitting in the Verandah. He had indulged himself in some revenue work in connection with the extension of Gurusthan and removal of the cemetery and the burning ghat. Both G.S.Khaparde and Shri.Sane involved themselves in a chat after having their afternoon meal. Then Shri.Kaka Saheb Dixit did parayan of Ramayan for sometime after which Shri.G.S.Khaparde went to Dwarakamai to have Darshan of Sai Baba.

On 1st February 1912, after finishing afternoon Aarti and meals in Dwarakamai, Shri.G.S.Khaparde returned to Dixit Wada. He sat there and started reading Jnaneshwari edited by Shri.Sakhreboa. Later Shri.Kaka Saheb Dixit read Ramayan. After sometime, Shri.Sane, Shri.Sathe, Deputy Collector and Sub-Divisional Officer came there. The two spent some time chatting with Shri.G.S.Khaparde and Shri.Dixit. After the two left, Dixit and Khaparde resumed their Ramayan reading.

On 24th February 1912, Shri.G.S.Khaparde went to Dwrakamai, attended the Aarti and had the afternoon meal and returned to Dixit Wada. He laid down for a while when Shri.Sane and Shri.Nanasaheb Behare, Revenue Inspector came along with Shri.Balasaheb Bhate and sat there talking for some time. Later they went away and G.S.Khaparde continued the Panchadashi Class which was stopped in the afternoon.

(Source: Shirdi Diary by Late Shri.G.S.Khaparde)