Sai Mahabhakta Shri.D.V.Sambhaare alias Shri.Kolambo was a Gowd Saraswat Brahmin. On 26th September 1936, he narrated in his own words the experiences he had with Shri Sai Baba to Late Shri.B.V.Narasimha Swamji as below:

Once when I was in Shirdi, I was seated near three steps of Dwarakamai Masjid. Baba was smoking His Chillim and passing it around among those sitting near to Him. I was a Beedi smoker. I felt a desire to have a puff or two out of that Chillim. No sooner did that thought struck me, Baba called out "Arre Pora Ikadeye Laav. kashala vasalaa, Jabal Ye chillimdhya" (in marathi) meaning "you boy - come here. Why keep yourself so far! Come near. Have a smoke" and offered me the Chillim. I joined the group and drew a few puffs. I was glad to see Sai Baba's knowledge of my desire and His kindness in graciously offering His Chillim to me.

In addition to the habit of Smoking, I had more dangerous habit of Drinking. Once Baba came in my dream vision on 1st February 1917 and sat on my chest and said "Pora, kaay kartha" meaning "Boy! what are you doing?". I promised Baba that I would abstain myself from Drinking. From the very next day, I rigorously abstained from touching any kind of liquor. On 15th February 1917 I was put to a severe test by Baba. The manager of my office was giving a send-off to his children and I was also invited to the party. My boss forced me to take a peg of whisky and soda. I pleaded that the doctor had advised me to abstain from drinking. I did not mention Baba's name in such lighthearted company. He did seem to heed to my pleas and was forcing me to take the drinks. Then Baba came to rescue in a miraculous way. The electric lights went out and my manager went away to find out what happened. Just then, my neighbour, "Mistry" drank off my glass and I was counted by the manager who returned to me soon after as having complied with his request. In this way, Baba saved me from tasting the drinks.

Baba's dakrishna demands were often associated with a moral. For example: putting down boastfulness, cupidity, evasion of obligations etc. A few months after the above incident, I was at Shirdi. Baba did not ask me for Dakshina at all though He was asking others for it. I concluded that since I have corrected my mistake in His eyes, Baba was recognizing and rewarding for the same by not asking for Dakshina from me. I was at the Wada boasting of this immunity in the presence of my friends. At once Baba summoned me to Dwarakamai and asked for two rupees dakshina from me and I paid the same. There was another devotee who had gone to Shirdi, who had a balance of 18 rupees plus in his pocket. He had handed it over to me in secret with the view that he might truthfully tell Baba that he had no money if Baba asked him for Dakshina. This man was at the Masjid when I went to the Masjid and paid my 2 rupees dakshina. Baba turned to him and asked for 2 rupees dakshina and in order to prevent his evasive excuses added: "Take it from this man" - pointing to me "and give it". Thus, Baba found out this man's intention. The mans was a proprietor of a press at Mugabat, Mumbai. This incident happened a few months before Baba took Samadhi.

We were there in Shirdi just few days before Baba took Samadhi. When we went to take his permission to leave Shirdi, we had not premonition of the coming catastrophe. But, Baba evidently knew of it. He said: "You are coming from Mumbai. You must go on hearing me speak. I should go on hearing you speak. But you are going away. Well. With hesitation in His mind, Baba told us go. You are going to reach your destination tomorrow noon".

As Baba gave us permission to leave Shirdi that evening, we started by that night's train via Kopergaon, hoping as usual to reach Mumbai via Manmad by 8 a.m. the next morning. But as we reached Manmad, we learnt that the engine of a train had gone out of order and hence there wasa delay of some 4 hours. Hence, we reached Mumbai at 12 noon next day. Thus Baba's prediction came true. Baba took Samadhi a few days later and we could then see why He was rather hesitating to grant us permission to leave Shirdi to Mumbai. That was the final parting.

Even after Sai Baba took Samadhi, around 14 years back, one night Baba came to me in a dream and said: "Boy, you speak of me to others as your Guru. Have I given you any initiation?". Then He made me wash my hands and gave me a Marathi Sloka to repeat. I repeated it very well in my dream. In this way Baba initiated me with a mantra in my dream. But when I woke, I remembered nothing of the sloka and even now I cannot recall the sloka. Two years ago I completed my 55th year. According to the rules of our company, one should retire at 55. So I was getting ready to be relieved from my services. But before that day, I had a dream. My big boss, the company's director came in the dream and made me to understand that I should not bother about leaving the company. And after that no one in the company has asked me to retire.

I have responsibilities towards my family as I have 4 daughters and a son. But Baba looks after all my affairs. I do not pray to Him for anything. He knows what I require and it is up to Him to give us what we need, if that be His wish. I feel that we should not trouble Him with our requests, as though He either did not know what we want, or knowing it would not give what is good unless pestered with requests! We should be contended to let Him do according to His will for us so that we are always happy.

(Source: Devotees' Experiences of Sri Sai Baba Part I, II and III by Sri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)