Sai Mahabhakta Sadashiv Triambak Vidhavkar belonged to Kayastha Prabhu caste. He retired as Goods Clerk of G.I.P.Railways and resided at Mahagiri, Thana, Maharashtra.

On 12th September 1936, he narrated in his own words the experiences he had with Shri Sai Baba to Late Shri.B.V.Narasimha Swamji as below:

I was working as a Goods Clerk at Dadar during 1908. My distant relative Shri.Tamane, was a devotee of Sai Baba. He told me to visit Shirdi and have darshan of Sai Baba. Accordingly I went in the year 1909 along with my friend Tamane. I engaged a Tonga from Kopergaon to Shirdi and back.

When we went to Dwarkamai Masjid, we had left behind two Mangoes in the Tonga for our consumption and took rest of the Mangoes along with some tobacco and some copper coins which I offered to Baba. Baba immediately asked me: "Where are those two mangoes? Why do you keep them there? Bring them here". Baba knew the facts evidently by His own wonderful power. The two fruits were then brought and offered to Baba. Baba ordered all the fruits to be cut up and distributed as prasad to all the people that were present. He then smoked the tobacco that I offered to Him. It was about 11 A.M. I felt very hungry as my usual meal time was 9 A.M. and I had no meal that morning. But, out of delicacy, I did to open my mouth but sat quietly in the Mosque. Exactly at that time, some one came with a packet of Pedhas and placed it before Baba as an offering. Baba usually touches nothing, but on this occasion, as soon as the packet came, he opened it and took up one Pedha. It was a good sized pedha and he threw it on to my lap. I was sitting some yards away from Him. I thought that it was prasad and a precious gift to be taken home and not anything that I should eat then and there itself. But, Baba seeing that I held the pedha in my hand without eating said, "it was given to you not for keeping it". Then I was obliged to eat it up. I felt that my hunger was half appeased. Again, Baba picked up another Pedha from the packet and threw it at me. I thought that this Pedha at least had to be carried home as Prasad. Hence, I kept the pedha in my hand. But, Baba once again repeated His remark, "it was not given to you to keep it in your hand". Hence, I ate the pedha and felt my hunger wholly appeased. Baba did not throw any more pedha at me nor did he give any pedha to any other devotee who were present there. Baba evidently knew of my hunger state, half appeased state and fully appeased hunger without me uttering any word to Him.

After the Aarti was over, the question of food for me and my friend had to be considered. It was already too late to start cooking. But Baba had evidently anticipated things. We learnt that He had told the retired Mamaltdar (most probably Bhalasaheb Bhate) in the morning itself that He would go and dine with Him. So Extra meals were ready at that gentleman's house. When the Aarti was over, Baba told him to take us two and a third Brahmin stranger to his house and feed us. We were the persons to represent Baba and we had a satisfactory meal. When Baba was sending that official to us at his place to feed us, He said to him, "this young man (pointing towards me) has needless anxiety. His business is already accomplished". That gengleman came to us and reported Baba's words and asked what for we had gone to Shirdi. The fact was that I was anxius to get upadesh and hoped that Baba would give me some updadesh.

In the afternoon, the tonga man was hurrying us up to go back to Kopergaon. Some people told us that Baba did not usually permit people to get back the same day they visited Him, but we had to go for two reasons. Firstly, the cartman had to be paid his return fare even if we did not start that day. Secondly, I had got away from my office by reporting myself sick and had to present myself before the Railway Medical Officer at Dadar on the following morning. Anyhow, we told the tongawalla to wait and sat before Baba. Even there the tongawalla came. Baba looked at his face and asked him to go away saying, "where is the hurry?". Then any way He knew my other difficulty and so gave us permission to leave. He told me to take Udhi. I took it and came away. His parting words to me were, "Have no anxieties. Your business is already accomplished". It was not clear to me what business of mine He was referring to or He could refer to us already accomplished". The only business I had with Him if it could be described as business of taking upadesh and it was not accomplished for He gave me none. I returned to Dadar and in 7 or 8 days, I had a dream vision. In that dream, my family priest, who was at Indore at that time came to me and gave me upadesh. When I woke up in the morning, I had no intimation by letter or otherwise of the priest's visit. But, in a few days, he suddenly turned up at my office and said he would staty with me. I told him of the dream. He said he knew that and had gone to me then specially for giving me upadesh. But, he did not tell me how he happened already to be aware of my dream. Next morning, after performing morning rituals, he gave me formal upadesh which was a regular initiation of Shiva Mantra. I am a Saivite. Thus, as already prophecied by Sai Baba, my business was accomplished. Baba's words were real statements of fact, or powerful words that forced the intended business into the mind of my priest (who lived at Indore far away from Shirdi and who had not gone to Shirdi). My Guruji was a devotee of Hubli Siddharooda Swamiji and went to Shirdi only once after the above visit and that was in the year 1935 in grateful memory of Baba.

(Source: Devotees' Experiences of Sri Sai Baba Part I, II and III by Sri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)