Rohilla's mention has been made in Chapter 3 of Holy Shri Sai Satcharitra.

Rohilla was a Pathan Muslim. He once came to Shirdi and was attracted by Baba's virtues. He stayed there for a long time and lovingly devoted himself to Baba. He was hefty like a male-buffalo. He was self-willed, and cared for no one. He wore only a Kafni upto his ankles and came and lived in the Masjid. Whether it was day or night, whether it was in the Masjid or the Chavadi, he would recite the verses from the Koran at a high pitch, with extreme enthusiasm and full freedom.

Sai Baba was peace incarnate. But the villagers were very weary. Even at midnight his continuous recitation would disturb everybody's sleep. During the day, the people had to toil in the hot sun, in the fileds and forests. At night, they could not get undisturbed sleep. Therefore, the people were annoyed. May be Baba was not troubled. As for the people, they flet that they had committed a great sin. No peaceful sleep at night. They were very much annoyed with Rohilla.

They were on the horns of dilemma. How long could they endure this? Day and night, this nuisance was a big problem for them. They were greatly worried.

Rohilla was as it is a head strong person. To make matter worse, he had Baba's strong support. He became more uncontrollable than what he was before and gave himself airs. He behaved more receklessly than before and the whole Shirdi village turned against him.

Sai being very kind hearted, like a mother, always shielded those who surrendered to Him. Therefore, all the villagers came to Sai and entreated Him.

But Baba paid no attention. On the contrary, He told the villagers: "Do not harass Rohilla. He is very dear to Me. This Rohilla's wife is a virago and not ready to stay with him. She is eager to come to Me by eluding him. That virtuless woman does not observe the veil. She is without modesty and shameless. If driven out, she comes back forcibly into the house. As soon as Rohilla stops shouting, the wicked woman seizes the opportunity to enter. When he shouts she flees, leaving him pure of speech, body and mind. That gives me profound happiness. No one should oppose Rohilla. Let him shout to his heart's content. I cannot pass the night without him. I have great pleasure because of him. Shouts of this type are greatly to my advantage. In this way the Rohilla is benevolent and makes Me extremely happy. Let him shout as he pleases. In that itself is My wellbeing. Otherwise, the wicked wife will trouble Me. When he himself gets tired, he will keep quiet automatically. Your purpose will be served and that wicked woman will not trouble Me".

When Sai Maharaj said so, any further effort was futile. If Baba's mind is not disturbed, then why should we be concerned. As it is, the Rohilla was very enthusiastic. Morever, he was now licensed by Baba. So, he started to recite the Koranic verses very loudly and created chaos. The people were amazed at Baba's forbearance. Instead of the splitting headache, the shouting sent him to rapture. His shoutings were horrible. It was a wonder that they did not parch his throat! But Baba still persisted in telling all "Do not admonish him".

Outwardly, the Rohilla appeared to be a mad Muslim Saint, but he respected Baba greatly. Happily, according to the tenets of his religion, he would recite the verses of Koran. He did not care whether his own voice was soft or shrill. No sooner was he inspired that he would start shouting the name of God. Nature had endowed him with a rattling voice. He regularly and constantly shoulted "Allah Ho Akbar" and the verses with great joy.

Baba disliked association with one who loathed God's name. Then why would He think of driving away the Rohilla when he was continuously repeating God's name?

"Wherever my devotees are singing my praises, I am present there. There I am without rest, alert and without sleep". As if it were to prove the utterance in the Bhagavad Gita that Baba behaved in this way!

Rohilla subsisted on whatever he got by way of alms or else went hungry occasionally. How could he have a wife who could go and bother Baba?

Rohilla was reduced to penury. How could he have a marriage or a wife! Baba was a celibate from childhood. So the whole story was allegorical. Compared to the enlightening preachings of the verses, the complaints of the villagers were hollow. This was a strategy followed by Baba to give the villagers the correct perspective.

In this manner, Baba conveyed the lesson to one and all that He liked the Rohilla's company because He loved God's name.

(Source: Holy Shri Sai Satcharitra, Chapter 3)