Ramchandra Ramkrishna Samant was the Son-in-law of Dabolkar. Baba loved Dabolkar very much but the fragrance of his love enveloped Samant also. Samant was born into a very religious and devout family. His great grandfather was a renowned Warkari who made regular pilgrimages to Pandharpur, especially on Ashadi Ekadashi. His grandfather was devoted to both lord Vitthal and Shankar, and spent long hours doing Naam Jap (chanting the name of the lord) meditation, and singing devotional songs. His father continued the family tradition and made several visits to Pandharpur. Thus, young Samant grew up in a very spiritual atmosphere. However, his education pulled him in the opposite direction, and it was strong enough to stifle all religious feelings and spirituality.

His family however had no connection with Baba. In 1911 he married Dabolkar’s daughter. Soon after his marriage, he started getting ill and started showing symptoms of hereditary albumin urea. The treatment required him to follow a strict diet, and he partook no solid food at night. Dabolkar sought refuge at Baba’s feet and took Samant to Shirdi. At Shirdi, everyone bowed at Baba’s feet and Shyama asked Samant to do the same. Baba smiled and said, “Shyama, he finds it difficult to bow at the Guru’s feet”. Baba then placed his hand of benediction on his head and said, “Allah Bhala Karega” (Allah will do good). True to his word at that very moment, he started improving. Samant was soon able to take solid food at night. He however continued talking the medicines and got his urine checked on a regular basis. Finally, re recovered completely and was able to eat regular meals with his family. This incident had a profound effect on him and his faith increased by leaps and bounds.

In February 1915, he realized how much Baba loved and cared for him. Early that month he was sick and convalescing in his home at Arnala. One day he tried to get out of bed when he got a convulsion, and fell down. He struck his head with a great deal of force on the floor. His wife heard the thud and came running seeing his condition she feared that he had sustained serious injury. At that time, he had a strange vision. He states “I saw 8 to 10 persons who were dark and fierce looking. They carried spears and swords and had surrounded me. I realized they were ‘Yamadhoots’ (messengers of death) who had come to take me away. I said to myself, ‘what is all this? Why are they beating me?’ Although I did not perceive any pain, yet I knew that I was being beaten”.

At that very moment there was a bright light and I saw a hand sweep aside all those dark hideous looking people. Then they stepped aside and stood respectfully looking down. It was then that I saw the white Kafni. I knew who my saviour was. At that moment, I got up fully conscious and saw that my concerned family was around me. The only damage done by the fall was that my spectacles were broken. This incident strengthened my faith in Baba”.

(Source: Life of Sai Baba, Volume 3, by Sri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji).