Sai Mahabhakta Shri.Rambhau Londe hailed from a small village called Aastgaon in Kopargaon Taluk.  This village is about 9 Kms away from Shirdi.

Shri.Rambhau used to come every Thursday from his village to Shirdi to have Baba’s Darshan. After taking Baba’s darshan he used to visit Mahalsapathy who was affectionately addressed as “Bhagat” by Sai Baba. This was his routine for many days. Whenever he came to  Shirdi he used to ask Mahalsapathy “Bhagat,  you  and Baba come to Aastagaon atleast one time”.

Mahalsapathy used to answer him that  he was not finding time to come to Aastagaon. Once Rambhau’s Cow was pregnant but the baby Calf was not growing in the stomach. Rambhau did all possible medications as prescribed by the doctors to the Cow. Still  there was no improvement.

Later, he informed Bhagat regarding his Cow’s condition.  He requested Bhagat to  give medicines to the cow. Bhagat took Malhardev’s Name and gave Toda (Metal Bangle) and informed him to take the bangle and tie on cow’s horn.

Exactly after 9 months that cow delivered a baby Calf.  Then Rambhau donated the calf to Bhagat. Rambhau & his friends  requested Bhatagt to visit  Rambhau’s house at any cost.  To honour his request,  Bhagat went to Baba to ask permission to go to Aastagaon because Bhagat never went out  anywhere without taking Baba’s Permission. Accordingly Bhagat asked permission from Baba and Baba replied “Bhagat, Do not go to Aastgaon because if you go there there will be fights“.  But because of the force by Rambhau and his friends,  Bhagat prepared himself to go to Aastagaon. Before going to Aastagaon Bhagat took “Malhari Mahatma” book along with him in order to perform Parayan of the book there.  A  strange and funny event happened at Aastagaon.  Rambhau Londe’s son was sitting  to have food. Due to some silly reason, a big fight started amongst all boys, and the fight went to such a limit that they all started fighting with Sticks. Because of this,  there was a big commotion.  Bhagat was reading “Malhari Mahatma” book at that time. Because of this commotion,  the parayan was stopped half way and Bhagat  kept the Book aside and went near Rambahu and said “  Baba told that if I go to Aastagoan there will be a fight and exactly the same thing happened “ . Later, when Bhagat came to Dwarakamai Masjid in  Shirdi for having  Baba’s Darshan he told  Baba “whatever you had predicted before literally happened at Aastagaon“.

(Source: Shri Sai Leela Magazine, Marathi, Year 1934. Translated from Marathi to English by Shri.Nagaraj Anvekar, Bangalore)