Sai Mahabhakta Ramachandra Vasudev Ghaisas belonged to Konkanastha Brahmin Community who served as R.M.S.Record Clerk with the Postal Department before being retired from Service. He was a resident of May Mansion, Gokhale Road, North Dadar of Mumbai City in Maharashtra.

Ramachandra Vasudev Ghaisas was not fortunate to see Sai Baba. But he heard about Sai Baba from Kaka Saheb Dixit. When Ramachandra was working with R.M.S.Department at Manmad, Kaka Saheb Dixit used to visit his neighbours house. It was during one such visit that Kaka Saheb Dixit told him about Sai Baba. He also informed Ramachandra that since Baba had called him to Shirdi and he was going there. Astonished at Kaka Dixit's answer, Ramachandra asked him "Baba is not alive now. How does He call you?". To this question of Ramachandra, Kaka simply replied "You will come to know". Telling like this Kaka gave a photograph of Sai Baba to Ramachandra.

This incident happened around the year 1923. A few months had elapsed. One day Ramachandra's wife fell ill and her condition was precarious. The issue was related to Post Parturition trouble. Ramachandra earnestly prayed to Baba on her behalf and wanted to know from Him whether she would survive. After one or two days, Ramachandra had a dream vision. In his dream, Ramachandra and a Muslim friend named Shaik Kabula were travelling in a boat in the "Kadi" or Creek of the sea at Kalyan. A person was peddling the boat and was ferrying them across the sea. Suddenly there was a high tide in the creek. They were thrown up in the air due to the high tide. Because of the impact, the duo who were supposed to reach the opposite shore were stranded in some muddy place lower down. The person who was peddling the boat was not to be seen at all. Thus, Ramachandra and his friend were left stranded in the boat and both of them did not know how to peddle the boat. Hence, they forcibly reached the much lower muddy place. However, after sometime, they safely reached the other side of the shore. Ramachandra's dream ended in this fashion. Ramachandra inferred from this dream that despite much trouble, over a period of time his wife would survive. Surprisingly, his wife started recovering from her ailment from that day itself. The doctor declared that the crisis period was over and his wife was safe. But he told Ramachandra that she would slowly recover over a period of time. Later, Ramachandra narrated his dream to Kaka Saheb Dixit. Kaka then reminded him of one of Baba's promise "My Samadhi will speak" meaning eventhough Baba was not in flesh and blood then, He was really ever alive and helped His devotees.

Once, Ramachandra was quite disturbed over not getting any higher position or grade in the office. At that time he again got a dream. In his dream, Ramachandra was discussing with someone regarding financial matters. Suddenly, someone appeared and told Ramachandra's companion "Why do you not grant him what he (Ramachandra) wants? Let him prepare 3 Vanki (i.e.,) upper armlets of ladies". The person disappeared after Ramachandra's companion said to the 3rd person, "yes, that will be done". Ramachandra's dream ended in this manner. Like he always did, Ramachandra narrated this dream also to Kaka Saheb Dixit. The 3rd person mentioned in the dream obviously refererred to Sai Baba. At first Ramachandra could not understand the reason why 3 armlets were to be prepared, while only pairs were worn.But later, Kaka Saheb Dixit explained it to him saying that the 3rd person was Baba - a Datta Avatara having 3 bodies in one. So 3 vankies were wanted. Accordingly, Ramachandra got 3 Silver Vankies prepared and placed them in the Pooja Box, after making the requisite Prana Pratishta. The fourth day thereafter, Ramachandra got promoted and got Selection Grade in the office.

Ramachandra had his own doubts about what Spiritual Scriptures he should go in for. Baba then appeared in his dream and said, "Give me Bhiksha of 53". Ramachandra thought that as he is poor, he should set apart 53 coins (of quarter anna) from his salary as soon as he received it. Accordingly, he did so for four months and was spending from those funds. Then, one day he consulted Govind Raghunath Dabholkar about the dream. Then, Dabholkar showed him that the dream referred to the old standard Guru Charitra with 53 Chapters. Then, Ramachandra began to do daily parayan of Gurucharitra Pothi.

Once, he thought of starting the Saptaha (7 days) parayan of Baba's Guru Charitra and accordingly ordered for Dabholkar's book. After getting the book, he had a dream in which thieves entered his house. That clearly indicated to him that Baba wanted him to keep on the old traditional pothi i.e., Standard Guru Charitra and not to innovate on his own ideas. Hence, Ramachandra gave up the idea of reading Dabholkar's Satcharitra for the Saptaha but kept on reading the old Guru Charitra Pothi only.

Around the year 1933-1934, Ramachandra's wife had a serious attack of Paralysis. Her life appeared to be in danger. But she was a staunch devotee of Baba. She got a dream vision and in the vision, she saw Baba was sitting at the doorway or entrance of her room and telling her, "I am here to guard you. I will not allow even Yamadhutas to enter". She also saw in her vision, some men bringing bamboos, a mud pot etc. and preparing a bier to carry her corpse. But, Baba asked them to clear off and go to the opposite place. And when they did not mind His words, Baba kicked them away and broke their bamboos and mudpot. In this way, Baba saved Ramachandra's wife in her dream. The same night, a person in the oppposite House which belonged to one Rangari passed away. Ramachandra's wife's life was saved and she recovered completely from her ailment.

Shri.Kaka Saheb Dixit used to call Ramachandra as "Bhau Saheb". Ramachandra Vasudev Ghaisas used to help Sai Baba devotees in getting their bus or train ticket to and from Shirdi. Whenever He went to Shirdi, the devotees who got help from Ghaisas used to recognize him and lovingly addressed him as "Bhau Saheb".

(Source: Devotees' Experiences of Shri Sai Baba by Late Shri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)