Sai Mahabhakta Dr.Rajaram Sitaram Kapadi was born in Shirdi on 22nd August 1914.His father Jaydev Vaman Chitambar was the Headmaster of the Marathi school in Shirdi. Rajaram Kapadi thus played a lot in the Dwarakamai and with Baba. Baba called him 'Ganpat'. One day his mother noticed that Rajaram had a swelling on the right side of his face. It was below the lower right eye lid and next to the right side of his nose about 1/3" big. His mother was concerned and worried about it. At that time a doctor from Mumbai had come to stay in Shirdi for a few months. The doctor was quite attached to Rajaram and would take him for a walk every evening. That evening his mother asked the doctor about the swelling. The doctor diagnosed it to be 'a growth of the nasal bone' and suggested that it be removed. However, the surgery could only be done at Mumbai. Hearing this his mother remarked that her father had such a swelling in the same place and nothing was done to it.

A few days later, Rajaram was playing with Baba and did not return home at the usual time. His mother noticed that he was not at home and went to the Dwarakamai. There she found Rajaram sitting with Baba. She picked him up and carried him out of the Dwarakamai and slapped him. Baba called her softly and said "He was your father in his past life and My friend. Don't ever hit him again". His mother took heed of Baba's words and the fact of the physical similarity between her son and father and didn't beat him again.

The coming Thursday she adorned Baba's photograph at home with 'haldi, kumkum' and performed Aarti. She applied some Udi on Rajaram's forehead and called him 'Appa' (father). From that very moment the swelling started subsiding and Rajaram became alright.

In the year 1918 before Baba took Maha Samadhi, Dr.Kapadi as a student he had gone for the darshan of Shri Sai Baba when he was blessed by Shri Sai Baba who directed him to undertake his studies for the medical course which eventually he did as advised by Baba and became a professional doctor.  Dr.Rajaram Sitaram Kapadi was also holding the office of President of Shri Sai Baba Sansthan during the year 1983.

(Source: Ambrosia in Shirdi - Part I by Vinny Chitluri and