The name of Sai Mahabhakta Late Shri.Prahalad Muley Shastri has been mentioned in Chapter 12 of Holy Shri Sai Satcharitra.

Prahalad Muley Shastri was born around the year 1879. It was to meet Booty that Muley Shastri came to Shirdi and Baba gave him a marvellous experience that changed his life. He was a learned man proficient in palmistry and astrology. He hailed from Nasik and his ancestors were gifted of vast acres of land near Vazapur. That was 7 generations before Prahalad.

Orthodox in his behaviour, he strictly adhered to the ritual of Sovale (Sovale being after having a bath and donning silk clothes he would not touch anything or anybody as it would detract from his sanctified state) When he went to the Dwarakamai to meet Booty then he we, nt to the Sanctum Scantorum and took Baba’s darshan. He was astounded to see Baba’s feet; The lines on His feet had the “Dwaja Vajra” (Thunder Bolt) and “Ankush” (Goad) symbols. While Somnath Deshpande (Nimonkar) says he clearly saw ‘Matsya’ and ‘Dhanush’ markings on Baba’s foot prints (Ref: Devotees Experience By Narashima Swamiji).

These were not just markings or lines, but an indication that Baba was an ‘Avatar.’ Overwhelmed by what he saw, he wanted to see Baba’s palm. Baba asked him to sit down and later placed 4 bananas on his outstretched hand. In His characteristic humorous fashion Baba told a devotee to bring ‘Ochre’ dye, as He would don on a saffron robe. Muley Shastri then returned to his room and with proper ritual sat for meditation and prayers. In the meantime Baba sent Booty to get Dakshina from him. Perturbed and disgusted he came to Dwarakamai. Lo! His Guru was seated there instead of Baba. (Ref: Holy Shri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 12). 

Muley Shastri was married to Venu Bai and he had a son and a daughter. However he was restless and wandered about hither and thither. He was affluent as the royalty would consult him about ‘auspicious’ dates and time to conduct business deals and paid him handsomely. He smoked a chillum and was very rigid about rituals. Baba however changed all this and before he left Shirdi Baba gave him a ‘Pothi.’ A hand written book much like the laws of Manu ‘on how to conduct ones self regarding family life etc. Unfortunately the first pages are missing so one does not know the title or the author’s name. This Pothi is hand written by different people. Interestingly the book was tailor made for his life style. It lays down rules and regulations as to how one should behave as a ‘grihastha; (householder) and laws about the different stages of life including ‘Sanyas’.

Later Muley Shastri settled down in Vazapur and lead a peaceful contented life. Finally, Muley Shasti took Samadhi on 16th April 1941. His descendents still continue the family tradition of making horoscopes and astrological predictions. His descendents still continue the family tradition of making horoscopes and astrological predictions.

(Source: Shri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 12 & Baba's Rinanubandh, Leela 24 by Vinny Chitluri, Photo Courtesy: Shri.Sada Ghode, Shirdi)