Sri Nanjundeswar was born to Smt. Tekur Jayalakshmi and Tekur Sreenivasa Moorthy on 28-04-1924. He happens to be a relative of the famous personality Sir M.Vishweshwaraiah of Karnataka state. Like any other person, Sri Nanjundeswar had a normal childhood and successfully completed his schooling and got into his B.A course at a reputed college in Bangalore. It was then the leela of Sai Maharaj unfurled in Nanjundeswarji’s life. It was a time when there were just 15 days left for his final year B.A exams, when Sai Baba appeared to him and said that he had nothing more in store with respect to his worldly ties and responsibilities and thereby enabled him to break the shackles of his worldly ties. Sai Baba, in turn chained Nanjundeswar in his bonds of divine grace and love.

Sri Nanjundeswar was a very simple man and a true devotee by heart. Never did he proclaim in the public as a god man or as a realized soul. He dressed and led his life like any other ordinary man yet, he stuck to the state of Sai Consciousness like the age-old saying “NALINI DALOPARI JALABINDU” (Meaning-Like a drop of water over a lotus leaf) which indeed is quality of a true mahatma. He never liked people calling him as swami or Baba, instead he used to rebuke them saying, “I am no swami or guru, am still a student studying in lower section / grade of the school whose head master is SAI BABA.” When asked about details as to how he realized Sai Maharaj, without battling an eyelid pat came the reply, “I did no specific sadhana or spiritual practice .All I did was that I gave him (viz; Baba) a blank white sheet and he did the rest”. With this, he emphasized that if one wants to realize glory of Sai Samartha, he should keep his mind clean and clear akin to a blank white sheet. He often told people , “ Be silent ,bow down your heads in front of Sai Baba, offer all your egos and negative traits at his feet, follow him meekly with all the humility and with no doubts in your minds, He (Sai ) will definitely bestow his supreme state”. Beautiful are these words, which have no second to it.

In the year 1963, Sri Nanjundeswar had the fortune of having Baba’s darshan in his subtle form (Sookshma Roopa) daily in the afternoon at about 3’o’clock and was further blessed by his (viz; Sai Baba’s) teachings (Sai Baba imparted this to Sri Nanjundeswar in his Sookshma Roopa) which centers round the necessity of a Guru, in the language of kannada. Nanjundeswar personally wrote down these instructions. It is indeed a wonderful leela of Sai Baba to give his vision to a devotee, decades after his Mahasamadhi (Sai Baba attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1918. But, despite of laying off his mortal coil, he is indeed actively responding to the call of his devotees by granting them the divine vision of his form ,thereby proving that he is beyond birth and death) .The work was kept with Sri Nanjundeswarji for a long time for himself. After repeated persuasions from a few Sai Baba’s ardent devotees who were also close to Nanjundeswarji, the latter at last permitted the work to be printed and it was published on 31st October 1996 under the title “SHIRDI SAIBABA HELIDA MAATHUGALU” (viz; literally meaning words / sayings as told by Sai Baba),in the language of kannada. This book is indeed a beacon light to the ones in search of a guru and emphasizes on the necessity of a Guru in realizing one’s own self (viz; Aatmasaakshaatkaara). This book has been further translated into Telugu under the title “SAIBABA VAAKSUDHAAMRUTHAMU” by Smt.Annapoorna Tilak an ardent devotee of Shirdi Saibaba and an eminent writer who has translated several books to Telugu.

This great soul who broke the shackles of all his bondage at a very young age and helped many a people to tread in the right path to attain Sai Maharaj, left for his original abode at the lotus feet of Lord Sai Maharaj on the holy day of Shivarathri in the year 2000. It is indeed very rare to get a precious, valuable Sai Bhakta like Sri Nanjundeswar.