The famous musician Nanhe Babuji was born on 5th January 1911 in Rajasthan Jaipur in the small village of Gadshimthsingh. He was born into a musically talented family, and his father was Thakur  Pyarelal. His father passed away when he was just 2- ½ years. He was brought up by his uncle Amirtlal Ganghrav, also a musician in Mumbai. When Nanhe was 12 years his uncle became his Guru.

Nanhe Babuji was 7 years old, when he accompanied his mentor i.e. uncle on a pilgrimage to Shirdi. The young lad saw a puppy outside the Dwarka Mai and started playing with it. His uncle sat in the Sabha Mandap as it was time for Baba’s noon Aarti. His Uncle saw this and in anger beat the boy with a stick. Nanhe Babuji entered the Dwarka Mai sobbing and crying loudly the devotees tried to console him but of no avail. Baba asked the devotees to bring the lad to him and made him sit beside him. Then he summoned his uncle and said in a stern voice, “Why are you after me with that cane in your hand? Don’t ever beat this child again. This Nanhe Babuji will become a famous musician and vocalist one day” With Baba’s blessings Nanhe became a vocalist and harmonium (Indian piano) maestro.

They stayed in Shirdi for 3 months. Every day when they went for Baba’s darshan, Baba gave the lad 3 paise. Nanhe spent 1 paisa on peanuts and 1 paisa on jaggery that he relished. Baba made him sit near him and gave him pedas and fruits that were offered to him. He also saw sandalwood paste being applied to Baba’s forehead. Nanhe did his matriculation in Hindi medium, but studied advanced music and was a brilliant student. The king of Kashmir Mansingh, the king of Ramgad often invited him for concerts. Numerous concerts were held all over India and he received many accolades. He established the music school Shri Guru Sangeet Vidyalaya in Bidar and dedicated his life to music. Nane Babuji often said, “It was because of Baba’s blessings that I was able to achieve all this and the credit goes to Baba and not to me”

The 3 months stay at Shirdi indicates Tri Karana Shudhi or the cleansing of the body, speech and mind, along with the cleansing of the three bodies so that he was ready to receive Baba’s grace.

(Source: Extracted from Sai Prasad Magazine Deepavali issue 1996 and published in Baba’s Divine Symphony by Vinny Chitluri)