Sai Mahabhakta D.M.Mulky was a Medical Practitioner who was residing at Gadag town of Karnataka State.

On 10th December 1936, he narrated in his own words the experiences he had with Shri Sai Baba to Late Shri.B.V.Narasimha Swamji as below:

In the year 1915 a sad incident took place in my family. My eldest brother's son who was a first class B.A.Graduate and only 18 years of age all of a sudden coverted himself to Chiristianity. My elder brother was totally shocked at the turn of events and could not find any solace despite many people speaking to him. It was at this juncture, that Late Shri.Hari Sitaram Dixit took my brother and his entire family to Shirdi and by Sai Baba's grace the parents of that boy found peace once again in their life. Their another son who also did his B.A. and now working with G.I.P.Railway's service was a chronic Osteonyetitis patient which was being treated by the best of surgeons of Mumbai without any effect. But this boy's wound in the bone got completely healed just by the Udhi (Vibhooti) of Shri Sai Baba and his mere loving and merciful glance at the boy. After the above two incidents, the family started performing Sai Bhajans regularly and started visiting Shirdi very often about which I had no idea at all. In the year 1916, I was posted to Mumbai in the Government Service attached to the Parel Laboratory and when I went there I came to know of these things happening at my brother's house which hitherto they were doing secretly. Till that time I had not even seen the photograph of Sai Baba.

It was in the month of October 1916, that I fell very seriously ill and my temperature used to ranging between 105 to 106 degrees and the local doctors were doing their level best to relieve my fever. But unfortunately, there was no improvement in my condition. After nearly a week, one Thursday evening at my brother's place, they performed the Sai Baba Pooja and Bhajans in the evening. All these looked strange to me as I had not seen such things there and I confess I was also more or less athestic in tendency. I think Sai Baba wanted me to come out of my Athestic tendency. My temperature was 104.6 degrees on that day and on the same night I got a dream wherein an old man with a long white Kufni covered around his body and white cloth tied over his head appeared and said that I should not worry and that I should come at once to His darshan and that the fever would pass off once if I promised to do so. This frightened me and I screamed and woke up at the sound of my own screaming. My sister-in-law who was more than a mother to me immediately run up to my bebside. She found me perspiring heavily and in tears. I explained the dream vision that I had and she at once brought a photograph of Shri Sai Baba and asked me whether it was the same image that I saw in my dream. I could at once recognize the old man of my dream and she at once decided that I should take the earliest opportunity to visit Him. The fever did not come on again. I was totally allright and went ahead with my day to day activities. I being very young and with all the temptations of a city life before me, I did not go to Shirdi and totally forgot about it.

In the meantime, I was doing my level best to get out of Mumbai into Moffussil service and I could not succeed at all in my endeavor. Around February 1917, Shri Sai Baba wanted to remind me about what I had dreamt and how I was not keeping my word and he did it in such a kind way. I was transferred from Mumbai to a place called Malegaon, a small taluk in Nasik District of Maharashtra. I had to pass through Manmad and Kopergaon which is the station that takes me to Shirdi. I went and reported for duty at Malegaon and then due to my hectic work schedule, I forgot once again to do the needful with the result that I was once given a reminder by Sai Baba. I was conducting a forcepts delivery case and some decomposed fluid from the operated part of wthe woman jumped into my left eye which I did not realise till too late. My eye was swollen and it was in a very bad shape. I was all alone at Malegaon with nobody to take care of me. Hence, I prayed to Sai Baba probably never more seriously than at this time. Sai Baba heard my prayer without trying to admonish anybody. Since then I firmly believe that Sai Baba cannot see His Bhaktas suffer however bad they may be. What Sai Baba wants is nothing but unadultrated Bhakti entirely devoid of egoism. The Civil Surgeon at Nasik was of the opinion that I would lose my eye. But thanks to Sai Baba, I got completely cured within a week's time. I asked my wife to come to Malegaon and both of us vowed that we would not return to Mumbai without visiting Sai Baba at Shirdi.

At the end of that month, I was asked to go back to Mumbai. Hence, to fulfill our vow, we came to Manmad a little early to catch the early morning train from Manmad to Dhound. While I was strolling on the platform, a Deshastha Brahmin Booking Clerk accosted me casually and a general discussion was thus started between both of us. I mentioned to him the reason for my staying at Manmad and the booking clerk started a abuse Sai Baba using very mean language. He even spoke ill about Sai Baba's moral character and this dissuaged us from going to Shirdi and we caught the next immediate train to Mumbai and reached there without visiting Shirdi. Even to this day, I regret for my action whenever I remember this incident.

Ater a month's stay in Mumbai, my sister-in-law did succeed in inducing us to to over to Shirdi. Eventhough some obstacles came in the way, we never cared for them this time. I thank god that we remained firm and got darshan of Sai Baba. When we went for Darshan of Sai Baba, He did mention about the station incident that happened in the previous month.We put our heads down in shame and we were literallyin tears for having listened to that Booking Clerk. I stayed in Shirdi for 4 days and the last day when I went to take His permission to leave Shirdi, Baba told me that I should read Jnaneshwari and that I would find an order on my table "transferred to Bijapur on promotion". I prostrated to Sai Baba and left Shirdi. And as Sai Baba had prophecied, I got the promotion orders on my table. My joy knew no bounds. Again with His Kripa, I have been faithfully performing Jnaneshwari Sapthaha every year without fail. I am not a Marathi student. I could not read or write Marathi letters. I belong to South Karnataka District of erstwhile Madras Presidency (now part of Karnataka). My second language was Canarese for Metric and French for the previous years. It is just because of His kindness I am able to read Bhagavad Gita. From Bijapur I went on field service and after the war I have permanently settled in Gadag Town of Karnataka.

After the above incidents, I firmly believe that Sai Baba is always watching over us and it is really a pity that we are not able to recognize it. I have faced various kinds of troubles and I am going to face troubles in future as well. But I firmly believe that Sai Baba will see through all my troubles.

(Source: Devotees' Experiences of Sri Sai Baba Part I, II and III by Sri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)