Sai Mahabhakta Mukunda Sastri Lele was a Konkanastha Brahmin who led a Vydic life and resided at Shanivar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra.

On 17th June 1936, he narrated in his own words the experiences he had with Shri Sai Baba to Late Shri.B.V.Narasimha Swamji as below:

I visited Shirdi often in the year 1912 and spent time with Sai Baba. Once I went with Nana Saheb Chandorkar in a Tonga. The Horse reared and the carriage fell down. But myself and Nana escaped unhurt. At the same time, Baba in Dwarakamai sounded the Conch and said "Nana Atha Marta Hote, Mee marta Detaa kay?" (In Marathi) meaning "Nana is now about die. But, Will I let him die?). Eight days later, I and Nana Saheb Chandorkar went to Shirdi. Then Bapu Saheb Jog told me that Baba cried out as above eight days back and asked me "Was that true?". I replied "Yes" and narrated the whole incident to Bapu Saheb Jog.

In 1914 my wife was Eight months pregnant and was expecting a child. When I went for Baba's darshan, He gave me two pieces of Burfi and said, "Go". Later, when I reached home my wife had a delivery.

Sai Baba had told me to recite Narayana Upanishad which is part of Taittariya Upanishad when I went for performing Pooja to Sai Baba at Dwarakamai and I did so for 10 days. I also taught that Upanishad to Shri.Hari Sitaram Dixit alias Kaka Saheb Dixit. Baba recited before me verses from Bhagavad Gita and some other sanskirt verses from Bhagavad Gita. Sai Baba knew Sanskirt very well.

(Source: Devotees' Experiences of Sri Sai Baba Part I, II and III by Sri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)