Sai Mahabhakta Ramachandra Vaman Modak was a resident of Sadashivpeth, Pune, Maharashtra. On 23rd May 1936, he narrated in his own words the experiences he had with Shri Sai Baba to Late Shri.B.V.Narasimha Swamji as below:

I went to Shirdi in the year 1909 and had my first darshan of Sai Baba. I was so impressed that I started visiting Shirdi very often after that. My last visit was in the year 1916. The most memorable visit happened in the year 1912. I was working as a Senior Government Auditor of Municipal and Local Accounts of West Kandesh Division and my headquarters was at Mumbai. However, I kept my wife and children at Dhulia. In 1912, I faced trouble from my higher officer who was waiting for an opportunity to sack me. They were trying to force me to appear for a Departmental test in which that particular higher officer would have an excellent opportunity to sack me and even declare me unfit to continue in service. There was a dilemma in my mind whether I should take up the test, qualify myself for higher appointments which would fetch me higher salary or simply remain safe on my salary of Rs.120 and refuse to take up the test. At this juncture, having learnt of Sai Baba's omniscient kindness and vast power of control, I decided to make him as my sole guide and to resort to him for guidance on deciding on the above matter. Hence, I left from Mumbai to Shirdi without informing anyone or without taking any leave from my department to enable me to be away from work. I also hoped to return quickly so that no leave would be necessary. I went straight to Shirdi as it gives me great relief to be in the presence of Sai Baba. Next day morning at about 7:00 am when I went to Baba to take His permission to leave Shirdi, He did not permit me to start. Sai Baba was fully aware that I had gone there without taking permission or leave from my superior and even without informing my family. If there were any serious consequences because of this issue, Sai had to face them. Shyama alias Madhav Rao Deshpande who knew my difficulties intervened on my behalf and told Baba: "Baba, he has been staying here for several days. Give him permission to go". Baba bluntly answered Madhav Rao that I came to see Him and not Madhav Rao. After that, turning towards me, Baba aksed me whether I had gone to meet Him or Madhav Rao. Baba also assured me that all would go well with regard to my official problem as in other matters. As a matter of fact, Baba retained me in Shirdi when the test was being conducted in Mumbai clearly indicating that I should not go and take up hte examination.

On the night of 5th day of my stay in Shirdi, I had a dream vision. In the dream I saw that I was back at home, and that my young daughter was welcoming me, asking me where I had been all these days. I woke up at once and felt assured that Baba would allow me to leave Shirdi. At once I prepared myself to leave Shirdi. I went to the gate of the Dwarakamai Masjid. Baba was in a towering passion fuming and fretting with a stone in His hand and was moving up and down inside the Masjid. He saw me standing at the gate. But in ten minutes time, Baba calmed down and took His seat on the Gadi. Then I went inside and prostrated to Him. Of his own accord, Baba said: "Take this Udhi and go away". That was how Baba granted permission for my departure from Shirdi. I asked Baba hesitantly: "But Baba, where I am supposed to go? Please tell me that". I wanted to know from Him whether I should go to Mumbai and take up the Examination or Dhulia where my family resided. Baba's answer was "Go home. Your children are anxiously waiting for you". That confirmed my dream and settled my next course of action. As per Baba's instruction I went to Dhulia and after staying there for few days went to Mumbai.

I had anticipated some kind of trouble from my superiors because of my unauthorized absence. But, strangely enough, everything went on smoothly. My colleagues who used to come along with me on my tours, wondered where I had gone away. My family thought that I was in Mumbai. By Baba's grace my absence was not officially noticed and did not lead to any kind of official trouble. While going from Shirdi to Mumbai I had to pass through Manmad where the Deputy Collector of the Division was camping. He had sent me a letter asking me to meet him at Manmad. But, Baba told me not go there and that the collector was not there. But, when I reached Manmad, I learnt that the Deputy Collector had got a telegram that made him break up the camp and rush to somewhere else. Once again as always, Baba was right. During six days of my stay in Shirdi, Baba impressed me a lot with spiritual experience. I felt that Baba was all in all for me and I needed nothing more than spiritual welfare. I consider this period as most precious years of my life.

I had usual inclination towards Vedanta and spiritual studies. However, I had not taken to Sai Baba with great earnestness like other devotees. I was very much attached to the materialistic world. But in the year 1914, I had a confirmatory experience of what I had received at the hands of Sai Baba in the year 1912. Another great saint Govind Bua gave me impessive hints of the value of Sai Baba as my Guide and Guru and of of the experience that Baba had imparted to me in 1912. Govind Bua stayed at Sonegir which is on my way while going to my home at Dhulia. Once when I was going to Dhulia on a Tonag along with my cook, the cart broke down, the iron tyre came off clean and it required atlest 3 hours to repair the wheel and continue the journey. The cart broke down exactly at Sonegir. My cook went, took bath and had darshan of Govind Bua.My cook went and asked Govind Bua whether I (his master) could come and have his darshan. Govind Bua had answered in the affirmative asking me to come and have darshan after taking Bath. Hence, I bathed and went to him with coconut and a rupee coin. The moment I prostrated to Govind Bua, he aid: "Hello, you rogue, you have had a precious thing given to you. You tasted it for a while, and yet, you run hither and thither after wordly things". Of course, Govind Bua was referring to Sai Babas' gift to me in the year 1912 during those six days of my stay in Shirdi. He further said: "In any case, you have come to our own house" and thus identified himself with Sai Baba. Afterwards, he asked for Bhiksha from me. He ordered me to prepare Shira and Puri. I understood that I had to pay for that day's prasad or food at his Mutt. I did as he instructed me. Then Govind Bua sat for the meal at my request. I kept a cup full of water near Govind Bua's seat. Bua dipped his finger into the cup of water, extracted from it miraculously a think puri and ate it saying, "here also we prepare puri". The puri that he brought out from the cup of water was very thin and nice. The one's we prepared for the Bhiksha was thick and rough. I was wondering as to how a puri could be extracted from a cup of water. In this way, Govind Bua assured me of the value of the spiritual experience I got from Sai Baba in the year 1912.

In the year 1916, I paid my last visit to Shirdi and had darshan of Sai Baba. During that visited I went along with my wife who as also a gret devotee of Sai Baba and returned on the same day.

I retired from service in the year 1919. Sai Baba is not dead. He is Ever Alive. Baba has guided me even after 1918 on my occasions. He has guided, directed and has taken control of my affairs. In the year 1919, I retired on a pension of 81 Rupees 8 Paise. After retirement, I joined a friend who was working with certain mills and worked there from 1919 upto 1930. I used to get a monthly income of Rs.250. I feel that with Sai Baba's grace I got this extra income even after retirement.

I used to suffer from one or the other health problems. I had severe eye problem because of which I lost one eye. I was slowly developing cataract in the other eye. But Sai Baba whom I am worshipping regularly is taking care of my interest. I feel no anxiety for my worldy or spiritual things. I have entrusted both of them in the hands of Sai Baba and I know I am very safe in His hands.

In 1916, I was bed ridden with high fever, cough etc., at Nasik. An old friend of mine in the medical service treated me. He had prescribed me Chloral Hydrate for my cough or bronchitis. My wife, however, felt that my case was not so simple. She prayed to Sai Baba and sent words to Col.Buckley. As soon as the Colonel came and examined me, and looked at Chloral Hydrate Bottle, he took the previous doctor to task for his poor diagnosis and declared the case to be one of Pneumonia and threw away the bottle of Chloral Hydrate. Then He started fresh treatment and by Baba's grace, I came out of jaws of death. I feel that it was really by Baba's grace that my wife was inspired to send for an able doctor and that the wrong prescription and treatment were changed at the very nick of time.

(Source: Devotees' Experiences of Sri Sai Baba Part I, II and III by Sri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)