Lakshman Kacheshwar Jakadi was addressed by Saibaba as Nanumama and hence the villagers of Shirdi also used to call him as Nanu Pujari. He came to Shirdi in 1914. He started doing Baba’s Aarti as an assistant to Bapu Sahib Jog.

He lived in Sangamnere where he had a vivid dream vision. Baba appeared before him and said, “Child are you sleeping? Come to Shirdi as there is a lot of fun there”. That very moment Ratna Parkhe who was related to him on his maternal side arrived in his village. He asked him to accompany him to Shirdi as his assistant. Nanu Mama happily accompanied him and stayed in his home for some time.

Nanu Mama earned his livelihood as a tourist guide showing pilgrims the villages surrounding Shirdi and other places of pilgrimage. But the work that he liked most was helping Jog in performing the worship of Baba. After two years of doing voluntary puja of Baba the Sansthan appointed him as the permanent priest.

His descendants now live in Hegdewar Nagar which is behind the Nagar Palika Office. His wife’s sister was married into the Ratna Parkhe family so he had a place to stay. Then he shifted to a rented room in the building behind the Samadhi Mandir. His son Digambar became the next priest for performing Baba’s Aarti in the Samadhi Mandir. He bought the home that the descendants are currently living in.


(Source: Baba’s Anurag by Sai Bhakta Vinny Chitluri )