Shri. Jospeh Fouzdar belonged to Christian Community and resided in Bandra area of Mumbai. He never went to Shirdi. He learnt about Sai Baba from his friends in Mumbai. He also had a picture of Sai Baba but he never worshipped the picture. But, he regarded Sai Baba as a great Saint who had great power.

Once he faced difficulty in solving a criminal case. He prayed to Sai Baba for help. Sai Baba came to him in his dream and gave him directions on how to proceed with the case. Joseph Fouzdar acted accordingly as per the directions of Sai Baba and successfully solved the case. In the year 1916, there were two terrible Pathan dacoits. Jospeh and his sepoys tried to catch the dacoits. In the fighting that ensued between Joseph's team and Dacoits, one of the sepoy was killed by the Pathan. Jospeh also got injured in the fight and went to the hospital for treatment. Before the incident could happen, Sai Baba had already foretold about the incident. Baba appeared in his dream the night before the incident took place and showed him that two people held him and dragged him and took him to a wedding.

He also narrates one of the incidents that happened in the life of one of his friends Shri.Gajanan Norvekar in the year 1917. Gajanan's son had taken rupees five hundred from his father and paid the same to Sai Baba. Baba after receiving the amount began to suffer from fever. When a devotee asked Baba to explain why He was suffering from fever, Baba replied "When we want to do anything for others, we have to take upon ourselves burdens and responsibilities". Then shortly thereafter, Gajanan Norvekar was cured of his fever.

(Source: Devotees' Experiences of Sai Baba by Parama Poojya Late Shri.Narasimha Swamiji)