Jawahar Ali's name is mentioned in Chapter 5 of Holy Shri Sai Satcharitra.

Five years after the wrestling bout with Mohideen, Fakir Jawahar Ali from Ahmednagar came to reside in Rahata along with his disciple. Finding an open place near Veerabhadra Temple, the Fakir camped there. The fakir was fortunate because he acquired a delightful disciple like Sai Baba whose fame had already spread everywhere. There were many kinds of people in the village. Amongst them were also quite a few Marathas. Out of them was one Bhagu Sadaphal, who became his Servitor (servant). The fakir was a great scholar. He knew the Quran Sharif like the palm of his hand. Many selfish people, genuine devotees and those desirous of Paramartha, all alike, started worshipping him as Guru.

Jawahar Ali started the constrution of Idgah. After sometime he was charged with having defiled Veerabhadra. Later the construction of Idgah was stopped. The fakir was driven out of the village. The fakir then came to Shirdi and stayed at the Masjid with Sai Baba.

The fakir was a very sweet-tongued person. The whole Shirdi village started worshipping him. The way he behaved with Baba, the people said that he had hypnotised Baba and bewitched him. The fakir said "be my disciple" to Baba. Sai Baba being of a sportive nature agreed to it. The fakir was pleased and took Baba along with him. He got an obedient disciple like Baba. Thus, Jawahar Ali became the Guru. Both of them together decided to stay on in Rahata.

The Guru was not aware of the accomplishments of the disciple. But the disciple knew the shortcomings of the Guru. But, Baba never showed any disrespect and fulfilled the duties of a disciple. Baba did not consider the propreity or impropriety of the Guru's orders, but carried them out meticulously. Sai Baba did even menial duties for the Guru such as carrying water. And, so continued the service of the Guru. Thus, the visits to Shirdi became occasional. This went on for a while. Baba started residing in Rahata only. Shirdi people thought that Baba had left Shirdi and had completely gone under the fakir's control. People also thought that Jawahar Ali had captured Sai with his own Yogic Powers. But Sai Baba's attitude was different. Baba wanted to destroy the bodily pride.

People will conjecture Where was there any pride in Sai? But Sai's behaviour was for the sake of the people, to set an example and this is exactly the purpose of His Avatar.

There were many loving devotees of Baba in Shirdi who were greatly attached to Baba, and they thought it improper to stay away from Baba. But Sai had completely surrendered to Jawahar Ali and the villagers were grieved over the situation. They began to seriously consider how to get Sai back to Shirdi. As Gold and its glitter or the lamp and its light, so is the state of complete unity between the Guru and his disciple. The group of devotees from Shirdi went to Rahata near the ldgah to try their utmost to convince Baba to return along with them. But Baba told them to the contrary. He said: "The fakir is very hot-tempered. Do not cross swords with him. He will never leave me. You better leave from here. He will come back any moment from the village He will abuse you. His wrath is terrible. As soon as he returns he will get red hot with rage. His rage is awfull. You go away immediately. Set on your way to Shirdi".

Now what turn will take place? Baba had given an opposite viewpoint. Just then the fakir returned unexpectedly and asked them thus: "Have you come for the lad? What were you talking about here. You have a design to talke him back to Shirdi? But don't take the trouble".

Even though he spoke so in the beginning, he yielded to the pressure of the villagers and said why not take me along and we will take the lad with us.

So the fakir also went along with them. He could not leave Baba and Baba also could not part from him. No one could understand how this happened. Sai was the Incarnation of the Supreme Brahman. But Jawahar Ali Was a fake. Devidas tested him and the cat was out of the bag in Shirdi.

Devidas had a good physique, lustrous eyes and attractive looks. He was ten or eleven years old when he first came to Shirdi. At that tender age, with a loin-cloth round his waist, he came as a
pilgrim and stayed in the Maruti temple. Appa Bhil and Mhalsapatí were his regular visitors. Kashiram and others would give him alms.Thus his fame spread.

Twelve years before Baba came with the marriage party, Devidas had come and settled in Shirdi. Appa Bhil was taught to write on the slate and made to learn the Venkatesh Stotra. Everybody was also made to learn it by heart. These lessons were taken regularly. Devidas was very learned. Tatyaba regarded him as his Guru. Kashinath and others became his foremost disciples and worshipped him.

The fakir (Jawahar Ali) was brought before Devidas and a debate regarding the shastras took place. The Bairagi (Devidas) won over the fakir and the fakir was driven away from Shirdi. After he escaped from there, he stayed at Vaijapur. Later, he returned after many years and bowed down to Sainath. The misconcept was cleared up that "I am the Guru and Sai the chela". Baba accepted him as before, since he had repented and was purified.

Such were the inscrutable ways of Baba. Till the time the fakir's illusion vanished, when it was destined to, Sai played upto it. Sainath honoured the concept of the teacher and student relationship by practising it himself. He let him cherish his status as a teacher and accepted his own status as a student. We should belong to somebody or somebody should belong to oneself. Anything different from this is not right. Without this the worldly ocean cannot be crossed.

This is the only lesson learnt from his behaviour. It is rare to find such confidence, intrepidity and courage. One who can follow this example, he will attain the acme of humility. In such matters, ingenuity and intelligence are of no use. One who wants to achieve his own good should behave without pride. He who has burnt away his bodily pride is the person who alone has used his body for its proper purpose. To achieve the ultimate good, he may then become anybody's follower or disciple.

The young and the old were amazed to see this dispassionate state of mind in a boy so young and fair. All the people adored him and marvelled at him.

The actions of a realised person happen according to his past karma but they are not a burden to him. He does not become the actual doer. Just as the sun cannot stay in darkness, so the man of enlightenment cannot remain in a state of duality. For him the whole universe is the incarnation of his own self. He dwells in Unity (advaita).

This story of Jawahar Ali (Guru) and Sai Baba (Disciple) was narrated by Mhalsapati, another great devotee of Shri Sai Baba. Hemadpant has narrated verbatim from beginning to end as he heard from Mhalsapati.

(Source: Chapter 5 of Holy Shri Sai Satcharitra. Photo Courtesy: Shri.Jignesh C.Rajput)