Sai Mahabhakta Late Shri.Bhagchand Marwadi was the owner of a grocery shop in Shirdi. There were occasions when Baba asked for Dakshina from a devotee whose pockets were empty. In such an event, Baba asked the devotee to bring the Dakshina from Bhagchand Marwadi.

Once, a person approached Baba and asked him, “What is the nature of Brahma?” Without replying his question, Baba told, “Bring Rs. 100 as Dakshina from Bhagchand Marwadi!” The Marwadi, instead of giving money, said, “Convey my Namaskar to Baba.” On his return, Baba sent that person to another place for bringning Dakshina. He returned empty handed from there as well.

Finally, Baba asked Nanasaheb Chandorkar to bring Rs.100 from Bhagchand Marwadi. Without going himself, Nanasaheb sent a note to Bhagchand who immediately sent Rs. 100. Seeing this, Baba exclaimed, “In this world, things happen like this”.

The gentleman was unable to understand the hidden meaning in this chain of events and sought clarification from Dasganu Maharaj. Dasganu said, ‘‘See, when others asked for money, they did not get it; but Nanasaheb got it immediately. The person who asks for anything must first deserve it. How can a person who wants to know, what is Brahma - just out of curiosity - can see it ?”

The five elements of the World are in the total control of Saintly persons. Baba had proved this from time to time. Once, Baba told Bhagchand, “Go... Run! Your bale of hay has caught fire.” Bhagchand rushed and saw that some bales had really caught fire. Baba Himself also reached the place, made some gestures with His hands and the fire immediately got extinguished.

In the evening, Nanasaheb Chandorkar and some other devotees came for Baba’s Darshan. Nana bowed down before Baba. Baba said, “Nana, see how selfish some people are. I alerted him and even extinguished the fire that his bale had caught. But, he still says - ‘I incurred loss. My one bale was ruined.’ And he is harassing Me. Profit - loss, birth - death are all in the hands of the Almighty. How do the people forget this ? What is the point in saying - this is mine and that is mine? How can one say that the bale was of this Marwadi ? In reality, it belongs to the dried grass. It got created from seeds. The seeds took roots in the earth. Got water from clouds. And grew because of sunshine. Now, these three are the real owners of the dried grass. And this man is claiming its ownership. Nana, at least you try to put some sense in him. Unnecessarily he is lamenting on the loss of a thing which was never his in the first place. The God gives with one hand takes away with the other. And hence, we experience joys and sorrows. But, he does not realize this. Is it not his ignorance ?”

Then, turning to the Marwadi, Baba said, “Go Shethji ! Go, take Udi and go home and sit with peace. In some other commercial transaction you will make money and your losses will be recouped. Don’t worry.” 

(Source: Shri Sai Leela Magazine, September- October 2006)