Sai Mahabhakta Bala Saheb Rudra was born in September 1905 in Jalgaon, Khandesh District of Maharashtra. His father was a Superintendent of Police. In those this post was highly respected, and paid handsomely. He had two paternal uncles, one was a lawyer and the other was a Sergeant.

The circumstance that brought his family to Baba is interesting. Once his grandmother Saraswati Bai and his aunt went on a pilgrimage to Gangapur. Bala Saheb who was ten-years-old at that time went with them. The pilgrimage was very fruitful, but on the way home, a strange incident changed their lives. As they were returning home they passed by a funeral pyre. A man was being cremated, when suddenly the corpse lifted his hand and held it high as if he was waving. His Aunt saw this and was stricken with fear. So scared was she that she started having loose bowel movements. Day in and day out she rushed to toilet. Many medicines were given to her, but the diarrhoea continued. Many incantations and religious rites were performed, but of no avail. Someone suggested that she should seek refuge in Shirdi.

That was in the year 1913, when Bala Saheb accompanied, by his grandmother and ailing aunt went to Shirdi. At Shirdi Baba applied udi to all of them, He gave his ailing aunt udi to be taken orally. After applying udi to Bala Saheb's forehead, Baba gently stroked his head, silently blessing him. Bala Saheb was intensely happy and his love and devotion increased.

Bala Saheb worked as an editor in various Marathi newspapers. He and his family settled in Pune. He lead a very spiritual life and was devoted to Baba. He died on the auspicious Gudi Padwa day in 2006.

(Source: Baba's Rinanubandh by Sai Bhakta Dr.Vinny Chitluri Photo Courtesy: Shri.Jignesh C.Rajput, Surat)