Sai Mahabhakta Shri.Badave C/o.Shri.Anand Ramachandra Badave from Nevase belonged to Brahmin Sect and worked as Estate Broker at Ravivar Peth Poona.

Around the year 1906, Badave's father-in-law was a great devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. He was working as Badave or Poojari of Mohiniraj Mandir at Nevasa. He was blessed with one son. But prior to the birth of the son and after that, several children who were born to him died at young age itself. On the insistance of his father-in-law who was a close friend of Nana Saheb Chandorkar, Badave went along with his wife and child to Shirdi. Neither his wife or Shri.Badave confinded their grievances or prayer with Sai Baba. But Badave's wife mentally prayed to Sai Baba to bless them so that the children to be born later would not be short-lived but remain healthy and long-lived. The omniscient Sai Baba immediately placed His hand on her head and told her "Have no anxieties". Thereafter, three Daughter and one son were born. Only the son died at the age of 17. Baba had asked for Dakshina from Badave on his first visit. When Badave paid some amount, Baba demanded more from him. Baba kept on demanding dakshina till finally all his funds got exhausted. Babave wanted to give One rupee to Sai Baba but failed to give it to Him. After we returned from Shirdi, I told my wife about it.

Many years after this incident, Badave's misfortune started and he was facing severe financial crisis. He ran from pillar to post asking for help from everyone but to no avail. Then his wife reminded him about one rupee which Badave had promised that he would offer it to Sai Baba but failed to give Him. Badave immediately sent Rs.1 by Money Order to Shirdi. Immediately after that, his good days started again. He never faced any financial difficulties after this incident. This incident happened around the year 1916 (some 20 years ago) when Baba was still alive in His flesh and blood. Badave came to Poona in the year 1914 and started working as a Real Estate Broker. His sons are into business and have prospered well.

(Source: Experience of Shri.Badave recorded by Late Shri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji on 27th August 1936 and published in Devotees Experiences of Sai Baba)