The fragrance of Baba’s love followed the devotee not only for one life time but for many life times. An apt example is the leela of Babu Pradhan. Baba was very fond of Dada Kelkar’s nephew, who was named Babu. He worked as a measurer under Mr.Limaye in the Revenue Survey Department of Kopergaon and Yeola. Babu in turn was devoted to Baba. He would often abscond from work to be in Shirdi and do Sai Seva. Limaye was upset with his behaviour and reported this matter to his supervisor, Sathe. Sathe was Kelkar’s Son in Law and he asked Kelkar to tell Baba about this.

Baba could see the future of the lad and made light of the complaint. Baba said “Blast the service and let him serve me”. This turn of events made Babu extremely happy and he was at Baba’s side at all times, doing seva. Baba loved him a great deal and gave him the choicest delicacies that were offered as Prasad.

In the year 1910, Babu gorged himself with a lot of Alfonso Mangoes that were offered to him. Baba then told Kelkar to take care of his health. Soon after Babu started running a high fever and was nearing his end. On the day that he died Baba in his characteristic way said, “Is Bapu alive”, as Baba knew of his demise. Babu passed away at the age of 22 years leaving behind a childless widow.

It was Chandorkar who brought Pradhan to Baba’s feet. He gave a glowing account of Baba’s divinity, compassion and love for his devotees. So in the last week of May 1910, Pradhan, his wife, sister-in-law and Chandorkar’s two sons went to Shirdi. All of them went to the Dwarakamai and had darshan of Baba. At that time his sister-in-law was in the advanced stage of pregnancy. Pradhan thought it was not prudent to take her along with them as she might deliver at any time. But she insisted on accompanying them as she had, had a dream of Baba, the previous night.

After they did namaskar to Baba he inquired about their welfare. Then suddenly he said pointing to Mrs.Pradhan, “She will be the mother of my Babu”. Shama who was present there at that time asked Baba whether it was Pradhan’s sister-in-law that Baba meant. Baba emphatically said, No this lady” again pointing to Pradhan’s wife.

Exactly 12 months later Pradhan’s wife delivered a male child and they named him Babu.

(Source: Life of Sai Baba, Volume 3 by Sri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)