Baal Krishna Khaparde or Baba Sahib is the son of Dada Sahib Khaparde who wrote the famous “Shirdi Diary”.  The below mentioned Sai Leela has occurred after Baba’s Mahasamadhi. The incident was narrated by Shri.Keshav Khaparde who is the grandson of Dada Sahib Khaparde.

Baal Krishna Khaparde was once travelling by car from Bhopal to Pachmadi. The road was a steep with a circuitous climb. On the other side was a deep ravine.

They were taking a turn around a blind corner, when another car from the opposite direction collided “head on” into them. Baal Krishna’s car plunged into the deep ravine. In desperation, Baal Krishna called out to Baba to save them. It was then that he saw the hand of the “Kafni Walle” (a person donning a white kafni) opening the door of their car. The next thing that happened was that they were literally placed on a ledge of a rock. The car plunged into the dark abyss. Both the driver and Baal Krishna survived without serious injury except for a few scratches on their forehead.

A few days later, the car was recovered from the bottom of the ravine and it was smashed to smithereens. Needless to say, it was Saibaba who opened the door and seated them safely on the ledge.

(Source: Baba’s Anurag by Sai Bhakta Vinny Chitluri)