Keshav Anant alias Appa Kulkarni, a resident of Shirdi village, was a devotee of Baba for a long time. He was a staunch proponent of truth; but he was very egoistic. He had deep faith in Baba; but he was a harassed man - as if the sins of his earlier birth were after him. He was accused of misappropriation in some government matter. The news spread very fast in the village and without verification of the truth, a rumor - that Appa Kulkarni was a cheat and has swindled money - started circulating. There was a talk that a case would be filed against him.

The then district collector officer sent a word to Appa and called him to give his statement. Appa got scared and started saying that - ‘‘Now, I cannot return home”. Before under taking the journey, as per usual practice, he went to bow before Baba. He prostrated before Baba and pleaded, ‘‘Baba, You are my father and you are my mother. You know, whether the accusation is true or false. If something happens to me, it will be you who will be blamed. Please, save me from this peril !’’

Hearing the utterances of Appa, Baba took pity on him. He said, ‘‘Appa, do not fear. Presently, the district officer is at village Nevasa - the same place where Sant Dnyaneshwar wrote his treatise Dnyaneshwari - First there, take Darshan of Mohiniraja and bow down before him ! Then go to the Saheb ! The Mohiniraja will protect you”. Appa did exactly what he was told. After bowing down before Mohiniraja, he went to the Saheb’s office and wrote down his statement. After going through it, the Saheb said, ‘‘I am convinced that you have not defalcated money. Therefore, I am releasing you”. Appa danced with joy. Next day he returned to Shirdi, held on tightly to Baba’s feet and said, ‘‘Baba, You saved my reputation. I am ever grateful to you”. Baba replied, ‘‘who am I? This was done by the Parameshwar. He turns impossible into possible, Appa!’’. Appa devoted his life to Baba. Baba also brought other devotees closer through Appa. Amongst such devotees, prominent was Nanasaheb Chandorkar - a highly learned and high ranking govt. official.

Around 1892, Nanasaheb - who was then residing at Kalyan – was appointed as secretary to the collector of Ahmednagar. Baba called Appa and told him, “Go, and tell that Nana that I have called him!”. Appa delivered Baba’s message to Nanasaheb. How could believe this ? He said, “Why Baba is calling me ? And why are you taking his name? Tell me clearly what you want !” Then Appa narrated the incident in detail to Nanasaheb and convinced him that it was really Baba who had sent the message.