Adam Dalali was an estate broker at Bandra. He went to Baba for purely earthly benefits. He had several sons. Every time one of these had to be married, Dalali found himself short of funds. According to Muslim custom, the father of the boy has to provide the funds. So, during each son’s marriage he went to Baba. Baba blessed him on every occasion and once he returned, he got an excellent brokerage giving him money for the marriage. So, like that, on the occasion of each son’s marriage, Baba’s blessings gave him the necessary funds. Once he was charged in a criminal case with having acted as a broker in the sale of a mortgaged building. A title deed then given was said to be a forgery. The police first included Dalali amongst the accused. Then, at the instance of Tendulkar, he prayed to Baba and Tendulkar and Mrs. Tendulkar also prayed to Baba. Then Dalali was discharged.

All his experiences, he said, were earthly matters. He never read the Koran nor asked for spiritual advice. Baba occasionally came to him in other forms and tested him. Once Baba came as a marwadi and said that he was hungry. Then Dalali gave him four annas and asked him to go to a marwadi’s hotel. When later he went to Shirdi and met Baba, Baba said to the devotees present in Dwarakamai, “I went to this man. He sent me to a marwadi’s hotel”. Adam Dalai is liberal-minded enough to have Baba’s picture at his house and burn scented sticks before it. Extremely orthodox Muslims will not worship or tolerate even portraits.