Abdul Khader came to Shirdi Sai Baba in 1915 and he was at the takia. Khader then begged Baba, "Give me fakiri. I want to become a Saint". Baba then stood in front of him and with folded palm, flung the palm at him as though He was flinging something at him. But nothing visible was thrown.

After that, Khader's manner and talk changed. He began to give moral advise and behaved like Baba, sometimes abusing and using unintelligible language, sometimes picking a stone and threatening to throw it. Sometimes he was getting unmanageable. For a month and half, these went on. He was a mad fakir.

Thereafter Khader's relations began to get disgusted with Khader's condition. And one day, Baba stood before Khader at the mantap of the mosque and drew His folded palm from Khader's side to Himself, as though He was pulling back something and said, "Lav Bale lther".

Then Khader got back his original state of mind and stayed on for 15 days more. Getting Baba's permission he went to Kirkee and started bidi business and was flourishing.

(Source: Life of Saibaba by Shri.B.V.Narasimha Swamiji)