Gaulibuva was an ardent devotee of Pandurang of Pandharpur. He used to undertake the pilgrimage of Shirdi every year. With him, there was always a disciple and a donkey. He used to spend eight months in each year at Pandharpur. And, in the Chaturmas (a sacred period of four months, from Ashadh Shuddha Ekadashi to Kartik Shuddha Ekadashi), he used to put his camp on the banks of the river Ganga. At that time, he used to go for Baba’s darshan. He saw Pandurang in Baba. Seeing him, Gaulibuva used to say, “He is my Pandurang personified. He is the savior of the destitute! Can a person become a saint by wearing a silken dhoti? For that, it is necessary to spend your blood and body. This world is mad. It runs after useless things and persons. Can a person become God without deserving it?”

Gaulibuva’s these sincere words give us an indication of his true feelings. He used to caution people. “He is the Incarnation of Parabramha. Don’t let him go away from your hands.”

At that time Gaulibuva’s age was around 95 years.


(Source: Shri Saileela Magazine November-December 2005 Issue)