The below mentioned Eleven Assurances were written in “Abhang” style by Sri. Mohani Raj Pandit, Retired Mamaledar of Nasik.

The Original Eleven Assurances in Marathi and their actual translation in English are given below for the benefit of Sai Devotees.



The moment you step on the soil of Shirdi all harm that may be fall on you shall come to an end and be destroyed and annihilated.
Climb up the steps of My Samadhi and your sorrows and wretchedness will abate and cease.
Though I cast off this mortal body (take niryan) still I will run to the rescue and aid of My Bhaktas.
My Samadhi will fulfill your desires. Have implicit faith and one pointed trust on it.
I am eternally alive and immortal. Know this as the axiomatic truth then behold and experience My fame and leelas.
Do show Me, anyone who came and sought shelter and refuge in Me and was thrown by the wayside.
With whatever intensity, passion and devotion you beseech, pray or call Me, with the same intensity I respond and reciprocate.
Your burdens I will carry always. Never doubt. This is My promise without a shadow of doubt or falsehood.
Know that they who seek help will receive it abundantly. Only ask and you shall receive it.
Become Mine by totally surrendering body, mind, heart and wealth. I will be your debtor for life.
Whoever chants “Sai Sai” and becomes devoted to My feet shall be blessed and graced by Me.


(Source: Original Marathi Eleven Assurances - Shri.Sai Diary published by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi. English Translation – Ambrosia in Shirdi by Vinny Chitluri)

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